Spiritual FAQ

  1. How do I know if I am a Lightworker?

    A light worker is a human being who realizes that there is more to life than they can see in their normal waking reality. So if you are asking if you are a lightworker, then of course you are! There are many different types of lightworkers and stages of awareness. Some humans are in the lesson on discovery and some are actively discovering themselves and are moving to a place where they can increase their vibration and therefore raise the vibration of the planet. In all cases there is no judgment as to whether a human is a lightworker as all souls choose their path as needed for their spiritual evolution.
  2. Why does god allow bad thing to happen to us?

    Did you know that from the perspective of the source Creator “ALL THAT IS” there is no right or wrong, up or down or anything else that is opposite of another. I know this statement will disturb many that read it. Since you entered the physical realm on your current physical realm journey you have been indoctrinated and developed a set of beliefs centered in your ego. Your ego is designed to help you navigate the physical. Your ego wants to label everything as being one thing or another.
    All of creation is like a bowl of soup. Which part of the soup is not the soup? The Creator sees all parts of itself as a complete unit with unconditional love. Over many lifetimes we have been lead to believe that we are separate form the creator and each other. This belief has played the largest part in our loss of love, tolerance and forgiveness for one another. Parts of the soup have forgotten they are the soup!
    It does not matter who are where you are within creation, you are a divine essence of creation. You are not a better part of creation than any other part!Together in unity with the Christ consciousness humanity will raise itself up into the light and beauty of love for themselves, each other and all of creation!
    In order to become one in unity from this moment forth, we must dedicate our thoughts, words, actions, and feelings to empowering and co-creating the patterns of unity for ourselves and one another. We must all become a living example of Divine Love, Trust, Integrity, Honesty, Tolerance, Acceptance, and Reverence for ALL Life.
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    Am I really co-creating my reality for myself and with others?

    Master you are the co-creator of your perceptions. Everything that happens with you, to you and around you is a function of your inner works and is a co-creation in concert with other humans, the Earth, all the earths inhabitants and the universe. A Spiritual Master clearly knows and understands, that whatever a human “I AM” Divine Consciousness is thinking, feeling, saying, or doing “I AM” empowering, co-creating, and magnetizing into ones life.
    Awareness, monitoring, presence and attention to your emotions, thoughts and world around you helps one achieve realization of co-creation. Do you watch what you say? What are you thinking about? Do you monitor your emotions? How do you feel inside right now? What are you doing right now and are the choices you are making in line with your Divine Plan? The function of monitoring yourself is presence and awareness. It takes time for one to become present and aware without have a conscious intention to do so. With time one does develop a deeper and deeper presence and awareness oneself and everything else around them. Through this presence one sets their intentions, has a vision of the intention and holds thanks and appreciation as if it has already been done. This process allows the co-creation and manifestation of your intention.
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    I’m having trouble knowing "who" to pray to. Slowly over the years I’ve come to believe that we are all a "piece" of God" and that the Human on Earth is only one of a "group." You’ve told us that you are part of a "group." There are angels like Michael and Gabriel, and masters like Jesus and Buddha, and I assume that they are "groups" as well. I know that we can confer with our Higher-Selves and our guides, but is there any one group or entity In charge? Is there a "Father"? Is the Universe a big democracy?

    Your question not only shows intuition and wisdom, but also the limitation of what you have placed upon yourself, called duality. No matter what is explained, Humans wish to compartmentalize and build organizational charts around everything. This is a totally linear process, and doesn’t represent the reality of the way it is on the other side of the veil.
    Take a large bowl of soup. It has organization, taste, matter, nourishment, and form. Yet there’s nobody in charge of the soup. Now you might say, "Sure, but there’s no consciousness in soup. It doesn’t have to think or make decisions and is not aware of itself." You think not? Do you think all those molecules just happened to create themselves and organize themselves into intricate structures that combine in complex ways that are so involved that science doesn’t even understand them? Were you aware that even in something as simple as soup, there’s a plan, a system, and coordination? If so, then who’s in charge? Where’s the democracy? Who gives the orders?
    What if, instead of a linear order of command, all the pieces had full knowledge of what the plan was, and without any interfacing, just fit into what they all know? Not only does soup do this, but so does the Universe and what you call God.
    Yes, you are all pieces of the whole. But all the angels and other entities that have identified themselves through the ages, have this in common, also: They’re all reading from the same script . . . one that is one consensus, and that updates itself all together. This is like nothing you’ve ever experienced, so you can’t really imagine it. You’ve even built mythology around "wars in heaven" so that you could somehow justify why things were as they are, thinking that only a conquering energy could be a certain way. These Human actions are all about trying to linearize God.
    Your DNA contains a divine code that says it all. You are divine, and also included in the "knowing" of this map. The closer you get to your own divinity, the more this is evident, and the greater your wisdom is. We’ve encouraged you to find the prophet inside, the rule book inside, and the compass of who you are and why you’re here. Critics say that this is also what serial killers have done, mocking the process as something that’s unbalanced and even evil. "Just think," they say, "if everyone had their own rule book, it would be chaos!" Then they give you their rule book, often in full integrity, explaining what they say God wants you to do.
    The truth is that this "rule book" is individual, but like the soup, it’s something that’s common to each molecule of the soup. So it’s the same script for everybody! It has to be, or what you call "nature" wouldn’t work at all. It’s the book that says that the "group" is all one family. The organization portion (explained for the benefit of your linear reality) is one that speaks of specialists. Some of your family is dedicated to working with the 4D interface between you and us (guides). Some of the family is dedicated to being angelic before you, and some, like me, are involved in your physics. But we’re all involved in the love of God, the support of humanity, and we’re all a group . . . your group . . . the family group called God.
    Who should you pray to? Start turning inward. Instead of praying "to" anyone, start to understand the wisdom of where the power actually is. Then create what you need, apart from any thought of sitting there hoping that God might give you something - like a dog sitting patiently on the floor under the dinner table, hoping for a handout. It’s not that way! It’s the grace of your own existence, which is the essence of God on Earth, and which drives all creation. You are your own master, a fact hidden completely within the face of your duality. Join the group called God. Pray - not to a higher supreme being - but as a family member who’s writing home during the front line of a battle. You’re part of God, and are a family member. You’re also a Human Being, one of the few entities in the Universe who lives and works in a place where you can’t know the truth, since it would spoil the fairness of the test.
    . . . And you wonder why we support you and love you so? (Answer by: Kryon - http//:www.kryon.com)
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    What are Archangels? How are they different from regular angels? What is their purpose?

    Each of the seven major Archangels of our Solar System, including Michael, embodies and radiates particular aspects, qualities, and virtues of the Creator. These qualities are referred to as the Rays (see also The Mystery of the Seven Rays). They are the attributes of the One God.
    Archangel Michael is Guardian Overlord of the Angelic Host, Defender of the Word of God, Lord Protector of the programs and creations of the Lords of Light, and Guardian Protector of the Priesthood of Melchizedek and of this Universe.
    He is the Lord of Light who works with Archangel Gabriel for the restoration of spiritual and galactic realms. He is sometimes called the Prince of Angels, and sits at the right hand of God.
    Michael is the Archangel of the First Ray — the Ray of Power, Protection, Faith, and Will. Archangel Faith is his feminine counterpart.
    Each Archangel and Ray overlights Humanity and the Earth in 2,000-year cycles. The predominant Ray at this time is the Seventh Ray, whose Archangel is Zadkiel (feminine Amethyst). It is the Ray of the Violet Transmuting Flame and supplies the energies of ceremonial order, freedom, redemption, and purification.
    The First Ray, radiated by AA Michael – the Divine Will to Create – is the secondary influence in these times. (Note: The other Archangels, and their feminine aspects, associated with the Seven Rays are: Second Ray of Service – Jophiel/Christine; Third Ray of Manifestation – Chamuel/Charity; Fourth Ray of Harmony – Gabriel/Hope; Fifth Ray of Science – Raphael/Mary; Sixth Ray of Devotion – Uriel/Aurora Grace. —Ed.)
    Through many succeeding cycles of time, as Ray after Ray provided the pathway for the descent of new Spirits, Lord Michael has remained as the Guardian Overlord of the Angelic Host, the Elemental Kingdom, and Humanity. He shall not fold his Cosmic Wings about him to return home until the final Angelic Being is freed, the last Human is redeemed, and the last Elemental is returned to its perfect state.
    This is the love of Lord Michael. Like many others, he is a Prisoner of Love to the life he serves.
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    Why do we seem to be “inundated” with angels today?

    Now, as the New Age is dawning on the Earth, with it comes a fiat from the Eternal to unite the Kingdoms of Angels, Humanity, and the Elementals in conscious cooperation in an endeavor to fulfill the Divine Plan.
    In obedience to this fiat, the Archangels are coming closer to us, bringing not only their Love, their Radiance, and their Service, but also a description of their world and their works and activities, helping us to remember our heritage, the lineage from whence we came. The Archangels and Angelic Kingdom have broken their Cosmic Silence for the first time in many thousand years and opened the door to their realms of consciousness and radiation to all those of Humanity who choose to accept their presence and their gifts.
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    How are Archangels different from us in consciousness?

    AA Michael: Beloved masters, we are all that you are, and we are also much more. We are in constant attunement with the God Mind and our Will is in perfect harmony with the Creator’s Will. This is one of the major differences between the Angelic Kingdom and the Human Kingdom. We exemplify Unconditional Love and we bask in the sweet loving energy you send to us.
    Our greatest desire is to serve Humanity and to assist each of you on your path toward enlightenment.
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    What is like to be an Archangel?

    AA Michael: We have the ability to create a multitude of wondrous things instantaneously. However, we know that being cocreators with the Creator means using our gifts and abilities for the greatest good of all and in harmony with the Divine blueprint.
    We have great compassion for Humanity and the trials and tribulation you are experiencing on Earth, but we can only intercede within the framework of universal law and when you align your will with the Creator’s Will.
    We have distinct personalities, and we also have our personal preferences and ways of doing things. Although we are androgynous, we often portray the attributes and qualities of one gender or the other. We can focus our consciousness on thousands of you at once, and we hear all your prayers and petitions.
    We see all things from a higher vantage point and know that ultimately ALL will be lifted and returned to their perfect estate. As it was in the beginning, it will be again.
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    How do angels see us as human beings?

    AA Michael: We see your radiance — or lack thereof — and we are aware of the vibrational patterns you emit, both positive and negative. Our connection to you and interactions with you become stronger as your auric field becomes more harmonious and you return to balance or are no longer projecting discordant energies.
    Our love for you is unconditional and eternal.
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    What is Humanity’s relationship with the angelic kingdom?

    AA Michael: We of the angelic realms are functioning in the capacity of a transition team, you might say. We are the messengers of the Creator, and in times of great transition we are sent out as the advance guard to relay and transmit the thoughts of the God Mind to all of you in a way you can understand — a way that is acceptable to every race, religion, and culture.
    We have always had an intimate relationship with Humanity, but you have been in a slumber and could not easily tap into our refined frequencies. We have always assisted you and protected you in whatever way was available to us or permissible within the laws of free will. However, because of the density of your Earth and your own auric fields, you were hardly ever aware of our presence.
    And so, Beloved Ones, call on us, and we will answer and assist you, but also maintain or strengthen your relationship with whatever Avatar, Christed Being, or Ascended Master you relate to and resonate with.
    We know we all have an integral part to play in this grand scheme, and we always work in harmony and synchronicity with each other, just as we are endeavoring to teach you to do.
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    I feel called upon to work with AA Michael. Can you advise me about doing this most effectively?

    A true master of the First Ray walks softly, speaks his or her truth, is assertive but not aggressive, and carries Archangel Michael’s symbolic flaming sword of power and strength, tempered by love and compassion.
    Accepting the gift of Lord Michael’s sword of Diving Will, Truth, and Valor means always using God’s Word and Law to eliminate error and overcome adversity. It will guide and protect you as you move through the shadows of illusion into the eternal Light of Truth.
    After you have earned the right to once again use the energies of the First Ray, you can activate and enhance its powers by visualizing a ray of brilliant blue light, tinged with flames of deep red. Bath yourself in this beautiful energy by standing in a beam of this Divine Light. Use with moderation, however, as this Ray can be very intense.
    AA Michael: My Brave Warriors, it is time for you to reclaim your birthright. Remember, you agreed to be a part of the great experiment on Planet Earth, and you promised to be our representative on the physical plane so that we could radiate our love and energy to Humanity.
    Before you embodied the first time, we gave you a symbolic sword — the sword of Divine Will, Truth, and Valor. Use that sword to sever any discordant energies that are keeping you shackled to the illusion of the third dimension. Claim your symbolic wings, Beloved, and come, soar with us.
    Accept the gift of Divine Will and Power we offer you as you strive to reclaim your mastery. Allow the love we feel for you to radiate forth from your heart center to those just awakening.
    Together, we will spread the Light into the darkest corners of the Earth and into the deepest recesses of the hearts of Humanity.
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    Who or what is a Starseed?

    Souls having lived or originated on other planets, other galaxies, on spacecraft, or in other dimensions and interlocking world spaces, who have volunteered to assist in bringing in the New Age of Reason and assist Earth through her next phase of evolution. They inhabit their human body from its birth. Some are born knowing their identity and purpose, others are to be activated, or wake up, at a later time. The timing of the moment of birth is deliberate. Souls agreeing to come to Earth together find corresponding genetics that fit their soul’s mission. A lot of experiments have been put in motion through bloodlines just for this purpose, in order to house the star seed operation. There are many variations of these experiments with star seed, and there are many combinations of astrological star codings, from planet placement to blood/genetic requirements, to match galactic agendas. One may have astrological markings through star seed codes, but without the bloodline to enhance the markings, it gets more difficult for a star seed to resonate to galactic agenda, but not impossible.
    Star Seed are programmed, so to speak, to aid in the activation of their brothers and sisters in collective advancement through moral, ethical and mental/spiritual guidance. When a star seed is called upon to gather in “unison of purpose,” that is when others seem to witness miracles or magic in motion, because of their combined galactic heritage. Most star seed that are truly activated from all levels seem to hold their optimism about the missions that they have chosen. Another trait of star seed is to totally rejuvenate their bodies through meditation or other modes of healing. Others not yet activated into their knowing can and do turn sometimes to darker agendas of behavior. True power of star seed comes from knowing their total journey. There seems to be a constant among star seed, which is that a guidance system seems to oversee their stay on Earth and assist when truly needed.
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    Who or what is a walk-in?

    Advanced souls choosing to volunteer, through a combination of galactic agendas, to assist Earth through her next stage of evolution. They do not go through the birth process; they trade places with someone already in human form through a prearranged agreement with that soul. If a Star Seed or Light Worker have no other way to complete their soul mission, then they might agree to leave the body and make a trade with a Walk-In. Many advanced galactic civilizations have used these Walk-In experiments at the pinnacle of evolutionary change in order to match celestial agendas. This is not to be confused with being possessed of spirit, that is another matter all together. These Walk-Ins that are being placed in human form are guided in deliberate fashion and in accordance with “free will” at cosmic levels of agreements.
    The silver cord of life force is traveled upon to imprint the new consciousness of the Walk-In and agreements are made to fulfill certain family concerns left unfinished by the soul walking out. After a period of adjustment, then certain behavior patterns immerge and drastic changes start to take place such as weddings, divorces, re-location, change of occupation, even sexual preference may change. Walk-ins can be permanent, which means that the original soul will not return. Temporary Walk-Ins can use a human body for short periods of time while the original is gathering new instructions while residing in other realms before returning back to body. So a Walk-In can be permanent or temporary.
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    Who or what is a lightworker?

    Advanced souls originating on Earth, who have evolved to the point of developing special abilities and talents, which are needed for elevating the planet and her inhabitants. They were born to the body they occupy. They seem to be drawn to Star Seed missions and want to be involved with their agendas. They are the angelic worker bees of mission control. Many will choose to have astrological star codings, although they will not be star seed, but by frequency they seem to resonate to healthy lifestyles and empower mental, moral, ethical, spiritual behavior wherever they go. Their home is the Earth and they want to keep it sustainable for all forms of life. When their mission is through, they will be returning to Earth; not to the stars.
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    Who or what is an Indigo?

    Extraterrestrial souls born to human bodies having more than two strands of DNA. They have unique abilities because of their DNA. They are the result of advanced extraterrestrial blood experiments that have gone through many genetic changes in order to foster their interdimensional talents. This is a large group of souls that chose to come to earth via spacecraft, mostly from the Pleiades, and beamed down as human embryos that would match their missions through genetic codes. Most Indigos now on the planet were born after the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. They require innovative parenting and should not be medicated for ADHD as children.
    Both their astrological and blood codings will match every time, no exceptions. Indigos also have the ability to pick up signals from ET beacons, such as the one found by Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and American Alan Shephard during 1961 referred to as “postcards from the rim”. These ET beacons emit both light and tone signals, along with a mathematical language, which can translate like a 3D film of the Galaxy. Many monoliths are out in space, devised by a group of ET races, and now Indigos seem to resonate to their intergalactic messages.
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    How might we consistently strive to love unconditionally, without at times getting caught up in a situation where we feel exploited or depleted? It seems necessary at times to set boundaries, but is this compatible with loving unconditionally? It feels quite a conundrum!

    This is an issue many are struggling with. Your human templates are changing which is bringing various aches and feelings of heaviness to the physical body. Though there is no actual illness, you cannot deny how your body feels. Some feel a slight dizziness around the head area, others endure bouts of forgetfulness.
    Much is happening for all of you, particularly this year. Decisions in your lives which have been ignored must now be addressed and finally decided upon. All forms of karma, particularly karma held over from previous lifetimes, including your family members, are now required to be released. This in itself often evolves an emotional process. Know it is an essential part of balancing and overcoming the lower emotional body. This process cannot be avoided. Man is being prepared to enter the higher levels. Therefore no lower emotional issues can remain to hold you back. I have said many times the clearing of the emotional body is man’s greatest lesson. Many are now travelling this path. Know you are not alone in this process. If you are still, you will feel what is right for you to do. What you must release in order to move forward. So know the Universal energies are with you.
    You are stepping higher in your understanding and awareness also. Allow me to try to make your steps a little easier as I address this question on the issue of unconditional love. Love – it is the essence, the key of all. Yet there are many forms of love. As you merge into a higher vibration your feeling of love changes and grows. Yes. You see, not so long ago when someone spoke of love it was very much a third dimensional form of love. One would think of relationship love – a husband, wife, daughter, son, and mother. That form of love was usually tied to one person and easily understood. It was a dutiful form of love. It was part of your life role and felt comfortable.
    As progression came and man entered the fourth dimension, that love was required to expand out to others. There was confusion for a time. This confusion is still felt by some of you today. You see, in expanding your perception of love, you were taken out of the comfort zone, the plateau of understanding you were so enjoying. Some did not want to step out, to look at an expanded view which was encouraged by their own soul and spiritual guides. I say to you, those are times where extensive growth is available for you all. Do not fear opportunities for growth.
    Love is infinite. Your love is quite capable of expanding out to every living being on Earth. You would still be capable of giving more love. This is not a selfish love, no. It is indeed an unconditional love. You feel sadness toward the victims of a flood, or an earthquake. You feel compassion for them. You do not know them. Have never met those people, yet you are capable of experiencing the emotion of compassion and concern – unconditional love.
    I tell you in areas of the planet where an ecological disaster is experienced, there is in the atmosphere great love energy. This is formed by other souls on the planet sending out in thought form, unconditional love. This provides the initial healing for the planet and the souls involved. I speak of all living beings, not only the human element, but the aquatic life, the plant life, the elemental and mineral kingdoms. The healing energy accumulated is great. Many of you experience and join in this healing process without even thinking of the effect you are creating. It is wonderful.
    As you progress you will feel and express unconditional love for others even more. Further, there may be nothing that you can physically do or verbalize to others. That is not always required. It is your intent that is important. And that intent is born of your thoughts and compassionate energy. These create the great loving intent and deeper love energy which will assist in manifesting a new Earth, a soul way of living.
    I call it a deeper love because that simply is what unconditional love is. It extends to a much deeper level than other forms of love. Some of you are confused over this meaning of deeper love. You wonder how you can do that. What will happen? I tell you the only thing that will happen as more and more of you flow in higher energies of unconditional love, you will live in peace. You will desire peace. You will be more considerate of other beings – all beings, in your thoughts, your words and your actions. It is at this point you will experience living in Grace. Living in a higher and finer vibrational energy.
    But you are still enduring transitional times. This brings me back to Gerry’s wonderful question. My friend you will only get caught up in situations where you feel exploited if you allow it. There are many situations where you will be required to set boundaries with another. Loving unconditionally does not translate to allowing you to be treated badly, or as this one would say, like a doormat, no. In such a situation you would state calmly yet firmly, that the situation is unfair, not nice, not called for, not desired. Whatever you need to say to say no, it is not acceptable and if necessary, step away. At all times you must honour yourself and maintain your spiritual dignity.
    The confusion here is created in not understanding the true meaning of unconditional love. You honour yourself firstly. This is done by stating quite calmly what is acceptable to you and what is not. You honour the other person by listening to them without anger. If the final result dictates you agree to disagree or to walk away, then that simply just is. Agreement of attitude or action is unable to be reached. See this and do not feel guilty. It is simply each one has a different want, which is not acceptable o the other. So I tell you, it is acceptable to quietly speak your truth and to honour yourself and your own truth. You express unconditional love in this way. Through having no anger, no hostility, and no resentment. You acknowledge that is where the other soul is on their path of life. Unconditional love does not mean that you have to agree with another no matter what. If the other soul is evolved enough they will accept your view and perhaps think about their attitude and your words. This is how they would express unconditional love toward you. The experience would provide growth of soul and a new understanding for them – if they allow it. If they are ready for that growth which could involve behavioural changes for them. If they choose not to, then simply walk away. Know and accept that is where they are on their path of learning.
    You will face these situations many times due to the transitional soul growth on the planet. Some of you are more advanced than others. Yet do not say you are greater, or you are better, no. Simply acknowledge to yourself and continue your journey. This is also loving unconditionally. It is in the allowing you see? Allowing another to be. Understanding you are all growing and learning on various steps and dimensions at this time.
    The remainder of this year will provide great challenges and great growth. Wise ones will honour their soul and listen to their soul wisdom. It is your inner wisdom that will provide your beacon of Light at each challenge. This will see you through to new heights of awareness as you prepare for a new year. Yes, your new year will surely arrive.
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    I'm tired. I'm more tired than I've ever been. I'm a lightworker, and. I've done everything that I think I should do. I anchor the spots I'm supposed to anchor. I go to places I'm supposed to go that I'm aware of - I try my best. I meditate. I walk through life with integrity, but I'm tired. Is it supposed to be this way? Will it change? What's next? What can I do? Is this normal?"

    Dear Human Being, let me tell you this: On the 11th of September, you manifested a leap for this planet - an "exposure" of what it can be. Think of it as being an opening - the beginning of some profound solutions. You may look around the earth and say, "This doesn't look very promising right now!" We say this to you: You don't know everything! You don't see everything! Patience! It's because you gave permission for it on the 11:11, lightworker, that the weight of what you've just accepted has doubled. You knew that, didn't you? What happens when you take physical weights and clip them onto you and march around day to day? You become tired. The weights that you've taken are the new weights of the potential paradigms of interdimensionality that you gave permission for - the very ones we told you about almost 12 years ago! It won't always be this way. This year [2002] will mark the completion of the grid shift. It will be the beginning of a pattern that stays and remains . . . a pattern that will no longer shift and move as it does now.
    Do you know what is so difficult for a lightworker? It's the fact that just when they start to get used to one energy, another is presented! This fact is going to come to an end soon. Some of you may say to yourselves, "Glory Be! It has been a long 12 years." Blessed is the Human that understands that what they're feeling now is not forever. What they're feeling now is not the new paradigm. It's transition. You bear a heavy load - heavier than ever. Your anchor is heavier than ever. Your concern for the planet has deepened and intensified every morning and every night. The angels that surround you have matured; the guides are no longer guides . . . but a different kind of enabler.
    All of these things speak of another kind of planetary potential. Here you sit as a lighthouse, as the new planet steers itself among the rocks. Is it any wonder you're tired? Here's our advice: Endure until the end of this year. We're telling you that at the beginning of the year of change, much will be settled. The end of the grid shift is this year - the year of grounding [2002]. The year of change [2003], is the year of the stabilization. That sounds contradictory, but it is so. Spiritually, things will become more stable, but physically in 4D, your planet will begin to change. Think of it like this: The new textbook is finalized so that the teachers may have a syllabus to begin the changing of the energy of the planet. Much will begin to clear for the lightworker. It's different for each, but that's the truth. Endure. There is hope; there is a new paradigm to follow.
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    What am I going to do about communication with Spirit? You see, it hasn't gotten any better. I try so hard to recapture the feelings that I used to have. That was my measure of connection. That's what I considered to be "normal." I know when I'm speaking to Spirit because I can feel it in my heart - my cells. I tingle a certain way, and I know it's happening. When is that going to come back?"

    Lightworkers, say "good-bye" to that! You're going to have to look for new signs in a new energy in a new earth. We told you about this early on. The energy being developed is the beginning of something you could never have imagined. It didn't start out the way you imagined either, but here you are in a position you've never been in before - a communicating position. Our advice? Disengage, relax, and love Spirit! Sit on the floor, if you choose, and have a "meditation moment" where you say, "Dear Spirit, tell me what it is you want me to hear - what it is you want me to know." Then I'll just be quiet. Disengage and love the family. You're learning "The Third Language," which we have spoken of many times . . . a continual marriage to a piece of you that enables a communication that is 100 percent of the time . . . not confined only to specific "meditation moments."
    Something happens when you develop compassion. That energy marries the intellect and creates a window of opportunity. It's a time-space where there's a tremendous amount of information given. It's going to take compassion to create action. Feel free to weep if you wish, because you're dearly loved - because the earth is changing - because you asked for it - because you've eliminated the energy of "the Armageddon," and because you've changed tracks of reality. Weep with joy because you're in love with the earth! Weep with joy because the earth can talk to you through your feet. Did you know that? You're so stuck in that odd paradigm that everything comes from above! It must be shocking to know that so much comes from below! [Laughter] It comes from your partner, Planet Earth.
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    When am I going to find out what I'm supposed to do here? I've been looking a long time, and of course I'm making an assumption that what I'm doing now sure isn't it!

    Really? Oh, dear Human, let me tell you something that maybe you never considered. You're too goal oriented! You want a time line for everything. You think you're climbing some ladder, and when you get to the top, you're going to breathe a sigh of relief. You think you'll reach a summit or plateau. Perhaps there will be some kind of a cot there for you to rest? Then you will announce to Spirit, "Oh, thank you, I'm here. I know what I'm doing now!" [Laughter]
    That's not the way it is. Every moment of your life is what you're doing for the planet. Oh, yes, some of you are working toward something specific, but remember the axiom: As you work, as you vibrate higher, as you walk on this planet and change the vibration where you move from place to place, you're working it. Perhaps that's why you're surprised that you're tired?
    Many ask, "When am I going to find out what I'm here for?" Here is the answer: You're here for now . . . not something coming up. What have you got going on in your life that you don't like? What's happening right now that you wish would move out of your life? What is it that you don't understand? Perhaps you ask yourself each day, "Will it be better tomorrow?" Dear ones, make this the day that's the summit. Take the situation of today and mold it into something that's beautiful for you now. In dire, difficult circumstances, anchor and celebrate all that's around you. Claim the love of God, and let the compassion of Spirit fill you. Then keep on going . . . even in doubt. Instead of striving for something at the top of the ladder, strive for understanding the circle of energy that makes up your new "now" reality. When you see the circle "I AM that I AM," do you understand that it's a statement of nonlinearity? Do you understand that it's a statement of you and the family? Be the angel, the lighthouse, each moment of your life.
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    When are these people around me going to change? I'm really tired of tolerating them. How long do I have to go through this?

    You think we don't know? You think that somehow Spirit is in a vacuum? So, you think that when you have challenges, somebody has turned off the "God spigot," and when you feel real good, it's on again? No. We sit with you and hold your hand through all of it, even the intolerable.
    Let me give you the answer to this question, very clearly: Dear Human Being, dear lighthouse, you give intent and take on the anchor energy, the lighthouse energy, and here's what happens. The emotional "buttons" that you've allowed to be pushed, that make you intolerant and angry (and tired), slowly dissolve. Those people who, you wish would change . . . may never change! It is you who will change.
    There may come a day, in all naiveté, when you'll announce to Spirit, "Thank you for changing those people!" The humor in this is that all along, what happened, dear Human Being, is that you changed to such a degree that they no longer bother you anymore! What they do no longer pushes your buttons. What they think, how they act, what they say behind your back, the drama . . . nothing gets to you! It's because you know who you are. It's because you've stripped away the peeling of duality and claimed the core, which is divine. You've seen the angel inside, and you've said, "I know who I am. I am that I am!" Then you walk the planet differently, oblivious to those who you only barely tolerated before. That's the truth. Do you long for that day? Then take care of yourself, and watch everyone around you "change."
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    I can't believe where I'm working. It doesn't celebrate my magnificence, you know. It's not commensurate with my angel inside. Dear Spirit, get me out of this job so I can be a lightworker!

    This is a review. We've said this in the past, but many of you have to hear it in context with all of the other things involved. What do you think your work is here, lightworker? Perhaps you've said this to Spirit: "I want so bad to be a lightworker, but I just go to work. I come home tired, and I just go to work and I come home tired. What's this about? I sure don't like where I have to go, and I don't like the people who are there with me. I would never have chosen them as my friends. I'm the only one there who has any concept of higher consciousness. Everyone else just walks from place to place. I'm alone. I want out!"
    I will tell you this, dear lightworker: Do you remember when you gave intent to be a lighthouse? Do you remember at what point you said, "I'll do whatever it takes - to vibrate higher - to experience the love of God?" Well, here you are at the very place where you're doing the most good and you can't wait to be removed! [Laughter] Maybe you're the only light there at that workplace. Maybe it's dark there. The metaphor is this: Imagine the lighthouse, anchored, standing tall on the rocks. The large ocean-going vehicles feature their masters searching for a path into a safe harbor. There you are, shining the only light! Metaphoric, oh yes. But that's the way it is!
    You shine a light that illuminates places that would normally not be illuminated if you didn't stand there, anchor! Did you think of this? Let me tell you something: The energies of this year [2002] feature a storm that has increased. It batters the lighthouse more. It makes it harder for the masters of the ships in the dark. The power of the sea is awesome, and there you stand, anchored, with a guiding light. Blow after blow hits you, and what are you asking? Imagine if the lighthouse keeper said, "I'm tired of this, I want out. Put out the light and get me out of here!" It's free choice, you know. You could do that. But for those of you who wondered if Spirit was listening to your pleas, the answer is yes. We have been all along.
    What you're enduring is not permanent, so the answer is this: Celebrate where you are - every day. Regardless of your goal, what you wish for, what you think may be happening, celebrate the way it is now. Does this sound familiar? Is it the answer to another question in this series? Yes. Be compassionate with everything around you, because the compassion creates an action, an interdimensional action. It increases your light; it tells Spirit about your energy. It sends out your name. It calibrates you to the rest of us. Did you know that?
    When you ask to be removed from such a place, do you mean it? It's very much like question one, is it not? We say, endure it for the duration. It won't be that long, and as you walk it, walk it in celebration and honor. How many of you have the courage to come home and thank God for where you are, where you work, and the people there? Don't you think we know where you are? Don't you think we walk next to you the whole time? We do
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    When am I going to go to the next spiritual level? I feel like I've been stuck at this level for a very long time. I want to go to the next one.

    Of course this relates to question five, question three, and question one, does it not? It's all the same, you know. It's perception of where you are. You keep expecting that the next level is going to be something that's a far cry from where you are . . . a nice place that has less energy expended? Perhaps one where you're happier and more joyful? Do you know why we call you a lightworker? Do you understand that this is work?
    Regarding that next level: I'd like to tell you something profound. Do you know why you're exhausted and often despondent? It's because you've just gone to the next level! You didn't expect that, did you? Here you sit at the very place you're asking to be taken to! Here's a fun example: Do you remember what it was like in school? At whatever grade level you were, if you sat next to someone two grades higher, you might have glanced at their textbook. Wow! You didn't understand anything. It looked too hard! Secretly, inside, you might have said, "I hope I never have to do that lesson; it's just too hard. How do they understand all that? How am I ever going to do it when I get to that level?"
    Let me tell you something: This planet of yours just skipped a grade! The difficult books are open, and you're climbing uphill. You're learning a new language. It's the language of communication. It's the language of how to feel joyful under these new "hard" circumstances. It's the language of tolerance! How do you calibrate to something that's interdimensional, that seems to exist in a way that you can't identify or see? This is hard! Yet it will become easier and easier as the earth moves into an energy that's more commensurate with your vibration. That's what's going on as the grids shift, pulling the energy of the planet into a new calibration and alignment.
    Congratulations! You're at the next level, working with the book that always seemed too difficult, and you're indeed working with it. Is it any wonder that we marvel at you and your lives? How can we explain that it is you who are the heroes of this new energy? You walk from here to there making a difference for the entirety of planet Earth, all the while asking when you're going to make a difference!
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    I have children who are almost grown. At least they think they are. I'm losing contact with them. They don't pay attention to me anymore. I fear for them. I don't know what to do. I've been a good parent and a lightworker. I've tried to show them love, but they don't listen. I'm afraid for them as they walk into a new Earth. I don't know what they're into or what they might do. I don't know - I just don't. What can I do?

    Well, dear one, let's take first things first. Why don't you sit down and let us hug you for a while? There's nothing for you to do at this moment except to understand some spiritual dynamics. We say this, mother and father: When they were small children, you opened your jar of love and you poured it into that child. For all of these years, your jar poured and poured. Here is new information, yet intuitive. It's also ancient information and lasts forever.
    Every single Human Being, as a child, has a jar that's empty, ready to be filled. Whatever the energy is of the parent around them, that jar is permanently open during childhood and will be filled with whatever energy and whatever light or dark goes on within the parent. Now, if you've filled that child's jar with white light, and if you've given them love - a responsible spiritual home - if they've been able to see how love works, then you stand clean in this. Oh, you may worry about them, and that's a typical Human fact. That's where we come in as family to help you . . . to sit next to you and hold your hand and say, "It's done. Your work is finished."
    Whatever happens now is their choice, and it's the way of it. You know that. It was the same with you. But here is what you may not have known: Even after you may be gone, that child still has the free choice to reach down and open that jar and discover you! Do you understand what I'm saying? There comes a time in that child's life when they may wish to open the jar. And if they do, they'll discover the love you gave them! They'll start experiencing the memories and the responsibility issues - the things that you told them were the truth. They'll experience the now of you, the truth of what you taught, even if you're not here . . . even if you're a long way away. That is an axiom . . .a rule. It is forever.
    The jar is full, and that's the way you send them out . . . prepared and ready, if they don't see it. You haven't failed. It's free choice for the child, but if they wish to open the jar, they're going to find the love that you gave them. And the beauty of this is that from your wisdom, they'll take the jar and they'll pour its contents into their children. Therefore, this is your lineage . . . that what you give a child today may be good for many generations down the line. Sometimes you only see the immediate problems and challenges, never understanding how profound you affect the energy of those who follow you. We speak in love . . . just wanting you to know and understand this . . . to capture for a moment the compassion of what may happen in a special moment with that precious soul who entrusted their childhood to you . . . when they someday open the jar.
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    I have heard you say that we can talk to our cells. What does that mean? How do I do that? There are those in graduate status in this room who have come in with situations where they had to talk to their cellular structure in order to still be here.

    The ones you speak of [in the seminar of the day] have learned that their enlightenment is not in their heads. Every single cell knows everything! That means your toe, your knee, and your elbow are important - as important as is the crown chakra, that creative spark at the top where you think your spiritual wisdom is happening. It isn't, you know. There are those in this room who are living extended lives right now because they learned a long time ago what it's like to recognize the divinity in every cell within their body - every one.
    So the invitation is open to examine that very issue within you and start learning to communicate with yourself. This is much like question two, is it not? You're always wanting to communicate up, aren't you? What about communicating in? Did you know that the more you talk to your cellular structure about who you are and your divinity, the more the communication with family and Spirit will increase? You know it's all tied together, don't you? Your DNA is what is the issue, for all of it carries all the information . . . not just the amount at the top of your head within your brain.
    Begin to understand the wholeness of this episode called ascension, spiritual communication, and co-creation. All of it requires a "whole-body" experience. Gone are the days when everything that you are seems to reside at the top of your head. For years we've told you that this was coming . . . and now it's here. The ancient yogis knew it, and showed you how to involve the whole body. Now you're going to find it necessary even to communicate, much less to heal yourselves! Meditation is not an exercise of the brain. It's an exercise of the Human Being - all of it! It's an exercise in compassion, and every cell will know you're in touch. It's a new language you're learning. And that's the truth . . . and that was question eight.
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    I'm a healer. I perform the same energy balance on different people, yet there are totally different reactions. Some are healed, and some are not. Am I doing something wrong?

    Here's what experienced healers will tell you: Healers don't heal; they balance! There's nothing you or anyone else can do on this planet to heal another person without their entire and total consent and intent. But what you can do, lighthouse, is to shine your light so bright that they'll find that safe harbor called "healing" because you balance them to the degree that they can move forward on their own.
    You've anchored your light, healer, and you've balanced the person. It's up them, is it not, to decide whether the balancing is sufficient for them to move forward? And this is free choice. So do not be in a position where you admonish yourself for a seeming failure . . . ever! You're doing the work of Spirit, and some of you are doing it in a profound fashion. Yet there are many who will get up from your healing table and never "see" what you do. They'll never feel any of it. They'll go on their way because they chose not to open their compassion, or actively chose not to be healed at this time.
    There is a scenario about synchronicity, about co-creation, that isn't always what you think. Sometimes, many of you stay in a certain position or in a condition of nonhealing, waiting for something else to align itself, so that when you finally go for that condition of healing it's going be better than ever! We've said this before. Sometimes a "no" from Spirit at the present means a celebration later. And how would you know that, dear linear person, dear healer? How would you know if you had planted a seed of balance that would later bloom into an amazing flower? The answer is, you don't.
    Here is something else for those who regularly sit before energy healers. You go to healer after healer, perhaps involving process after process, then you do something very interesting, dear linear Human Being. If you got a "no" from Spirit [no healing took place], you often throw away the healer, and the healing process . . . and you never return to it. Let me ask you this: If you planted a seed, then gave it two days and nothing happened, would you then throw away the pot, the soil, and the gardener? No! Instead, you often wait . . . knowing about the seasons . . . knowing the way these things work.
    Those healers are still around, and the processes they use do work! Perhaps the energy didn't seem to work on you? Well, perhaps you weren't ready yet. Perhaps the timing of everything around you wasn't appropriate. Perhaps your individual path didn't have the wisdom to accept the "whole body" experience yet? Wait, and try again. Don't throw anything away, ever!
    Human, are you listening to this? It isn't just with healing. How about the vision you've had of something you feel you should be doing . . . but nothing happened? Did you throw away the idea just because it didn't seem to work? You're not honoring the interdimensionality that we've been teaching you. You must work the linear against the nonlinear! Try it again. Understand that just because it didn't work at the moment you tried it on your linear track, that doesn't mean it's over! Honor the vision and the love that went into it. Honor timing, and the incredible amount of work that goes into preparing to fulfill your greatest intent. What a shame it is to have all the answers just an arm's length away, but unavailable because you thought that the door was linear and could only be opened one time!
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    I'm a healer. Is it appropriate and proper to work a healing on a Human Being who doesn't seem to have the ability to ask for it? This would be a Human Being, for instance, in a coma. It would also be a person in a mental state where they're not balanced. What's the difference between an appropriate life lesson and interference? Is it proper?

    So it would seem that the Human Being in front of you has their free choice "muted," and you ask the question of the appropriateness of a forced healing? There are two answers here: (1) Remember that you don't heal; you balance. Is it therefore appropriate to turn on a light on a dark room? Do you force the occupants to see? No. You enable them to choose! Therefore, the question is, really, "Is it appropriate to balance without permission?" (2) Every Human Being that's imbalanced or is unconscious has a piece of pure balance in every single cell. If the Human brain is in dysfunction, quite often the other cells (billions of them) are fine . . . and they're yelling for balance - every single one! This is no different than when the brain is awake and other parts of the body are in trouble . . . they hurt! Pain is the great communicator of biology to alert the brain that correction and balance are needed at a given area. It's the same in reverse. If the Human is in a comatose state, the cells in the body are trying to balance. They wish to be awake! There's a cry of intent in the brain to the unbalanced person to be balanced. This is often the reason for their anxiety. Although they may be dysfunctional, they're also often depressed, since part of them wishes to be whole . . . but they can't express it.
    They may not be able to say it, and they may not be able to communicate it, but that's the truth, for the Human body desires the balance that you call "normal." When "normal" is not there, even though you may not hear it come out of the mouths or even out of the eyes, every cell craves it and asks for it. So, yes, it is appropriate that you would work and balance that person. Yes, it is appropriate to send light into a dark area. It's not forcing anything. It's only illuminating. Remember this: Sometimes you're the catalyst for an awakening of that Human, which never would have occurred unless you had done something. Sometimes you're their synchronicity! You're their angel! Think about it the next time you pass by someone who seems to be in a state that's beyond conscious reach. Put the energy of balance around them. Send light into them, and then let the free choice of their cells do its work.
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    I have relatives and friends, and I have joyful, spiritual information for them. I have healing for them. I have so many things that I've learned about the way things work. I could help make them whole; I could help make them feel better. I could give them exercises and information, and I might even give them a book that could help. What is it I should do? Is it appropriate? Kryon, you've said that this new energy is non-evangelical. Then what should I do?"

    Lightworker, this is perhaps the most profound question of them all. You're the commensurate Humanitarian, are you not? You've learned compassion for self and for others. You're more alert to inhumanity than many, and you grieve harder for the earth than you ever did before. The answer is as it always was: You take care of you. Does that seem like a non-answer? Let me give you the mechanics, and you decide.
    The higher the lighthouse stands, the farther the light shines and can be seen. The more anchored the lighthouse is, the less the storm will affect it. As you walk this planet sharing this light, you're going to shine into areas that are dark. The dark areas are where that ever-present "free choice" will be, which is so revered by us all . . . and so pivotal for those around you.
    Do you have a relative who lives with you? Perhaps it's a friend whom you love and cherish? And everything within you wishes you could help them - but they're not interested? I'll tell you how they might be interested. Let them see you! Let them see you "live what you believe." Celebrate the job that you don't like. Become tolerant of the person who's intolerable. Smile a joyful smile from day to day - and mean it. Celebrate your life! Heal your body and talk to your cells. Then maybe, just maybe, that person will come to you someday, and say this: "Although I may not believe what you believe, I can see that it's working for you. Where do I begin? How can I have what you have?" Oh, family, don't you long to hear those words? You know who I'm talking to here, don't you? And that's the answer. Could it be so simple? Who said that was simple! Taking care of yourself, vibrating higher, going into ascension status . . . that's not simple. That's work.
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    How many steps are there to ascension? I'd like a definitive answer, please. I've heard many versions." Here's the truth: There's only one step. One. That's it. It exists at that point in time when you give intent to move past where you are - to go to the next level - to allow permission to change your vibration. That is the "ascension beginning."

    Each Human Being can then intellectualize all they wish to about how many steps it may take for them to get to that goal. They may climb any number of rungs they wish. They may go through whatever procedures to achieve the same goal. Some may go through two, some may go through twelve, and some will say it's just too hard - too many steps, and stop. So the real answer is that there's one step - the step where the Human Being says to Spirit, "I'm ready. I want to go beyond where I am and move into a lighter, higher vibration." Then let your own free choice decide what you wish to do, and how many steps you wish to climb. The one step of intent starts the process, and the rest is variable depending on the individual.
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    What is the appropriateness and the integrity of shining our light into areas of the earth, whether it's at the job or in the family, when it wasn't asked for? I want to be honest. I want to have integrity. I want to be a lightworker, but isn't this evangelistic? This isn't about healing. It's about living ordinary life.

    Here is something we've given you before, but here it is again. You can't hear it too much! It's the core issue of your lives. It's the guiding principle behind what you do and why you do it. It's also similar to question eleven.
    You show up in a dark place and hold the light. Those who are in that place, searching for a path, are doing their very best. Suddenly, however, they have more choices than they ever did before, due to the light being shown. This is not evangelistic. They don't know your name or what you stand for. All they're aware of is that they can now see better! Instead of forcing your truth on them, or even speaking at all, instead you're giving them choice. They, like you, have free choice to go where they wish. But now they have better light in which to make their decisions.
    Let me ask you this, lighthouse: When the master of the vessel steers his grand ship into the safety of the harbor because the lighthouse showed the way, does he leave his ship and run to meet the lighthouse keeper? No. They never meet. The light didn't convince this captain of anything, either. It simply gave him the choice to see something that was in front of him. He made his own choices when he steered his ship with his own hands.
    Indeed, it's appropriate to illuminate those paths that are dark and those places that need illuminating. Speaking of this, would you like to know where the best places you could illuminate right now, are? Right this minute - right this instant? Earlier today you were shown the profound influence that science now admits is part of Human consciousness. You're actually beginning to see what "the light" might be!
    Today, direct your Human consciousness and the light that it gives into the darkest areas of the planet. Take it to the Oval Office of your land! Don't force an energy there; instead, simply place it there as wisdom. Take it to those areas that need it the most. Why not take it to Kashmir right now? There's much going on there. Why not take it into Palestine and Jerusalem right now, for there's much going on there. Why don't you take it to the mothers of all of these who are wondering what the future will bring for their sons and daughters ten years from now? They need it! Why don't you give them love and hug them while you're at it. All of what I've said is possible. It's what a lightworker does. It's what Human consciousness is all about. It's interdimensional and awesome in its power to create change through illumination.

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