Thursday, December 1, 2011

Archangel Michael: 12-12-11 The Portal of Unity and Connection

Many great and glorious changes are coming to your world. We join with you in love, unity and connection as your journey into the next stage of your evolution. The magnificence of this event is as you say, breath taking and we take it all in and savor it. We speak of the coming together of our worlds on the 12-12-11. Together we will share new heights of joy and connection with each other. Connect yourself with Gaia and open your heart to us and we will respond lifting you to heights you have not experienced before.

In this time a great portal is open and will become more expansive allowing an uplifting for you and all others. In this uplifting, a greater connection may be established with all the great light beings of our realm. Ground yourself in Gaia and open yourself in your heart and ask us to join you. Visualize the angels and the ascended masters joining you and it will be done. Remember that this experience will be one of uniqueness for each one of you.

Many changes in your world will continue creating room for the new systems to develop. Focus your energies on sending peace, love and joy to Gaia and all of humanity. Know that your thoughts in this direction are helping to bring about the changes you so desire. Hold out your hands for others in the special way, Help them up and understand the great love and unity that is happening. Let each person you touch and interact with see your smile and love. Be the bearer of peace and joy at all times, in all places and know that even if others seem down or have fear your light is affecting them positively.

Masters the time is here and now for you love to enfold the world and beyond. Your power is much greater than you know. Your thoughts create! We ask you to stand in your power and think of how you want the new world to be. We ask you to hold this thought in your heart and see it as already done. We want you to know that we are doing this with you and we are co-creating the new beginning of your future together with the creator of ALL THAT IS.

In this portal let us seek together the great dream you have asked for. Ask us to be with you and we are. Seek for us to help you and we will. Unify your thoughts with us and we will co-create the new age of love and connection.

We give you love and unity. We are one together with the infinite creator!

Archangel Michael

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