Monday, March 26, 2012

Archangel Gabriel: My Golden Heart of Love

I see you in the depth of your divine heart. It is a place of total stillness and BEING. From within this spot there is only truth, a truth that shines forth from a golden heart. Take my golden ray of unconditional love and overlay it into your heart. Call on this golden heart I share and enfold yourself and others in this ray of love. It is a multidimensional gift I bring you out of the creators realm. This realm is before creation and is infinite in love.

Know in every moment that you are really a spiritual being of infinite compassion. This compassion has been only monetarily hidden from your heart. As the great energies of your sun unfold, you will bear this compassion before all. This unconditional love of BEING will soar above all. In your love for others the creator will bless you and you will bear the divine fruit of compassion. This is the hand of God you freely give to others so they can fulfill their call.

This service to others will give glory to your golden heart. As you shine your love all the rays of light will come together and joy, bliss and strength will be present for you all. This is a holy endeavor that you came into this world to give. In this great time you will remember why you came here and a Golden Age will be produced with your Golden Heart of love.

As your heart opens your hand will reach out to all others. As you help them up you will give thanks for the creators blessing of this unified love. You will see the unity of all in creation and you will demonstrate this in your life. As your spirit blossoms through your work to deliver compassion and love, the universe will take note that you are all one.

I give you this song of wisdom and love that you wear my Golden Heart in love and compassion for all others! I AM Archangel Gabriel and I love your through the unconditional love of the infinite creator!   

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