Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It’s Time to Stop the Healing

a message from Jennifer Hoffman

I have been on a healing journey for a long time, as have many of you. We have been working on healing karma, past life trauma, soul groups, family, our fears, the world, the earth, humanity and through it all I must say that I think we have done a pretty good job. Like anything else, every path must come to an end, a turning point where we decide what we are going to do next. We are now at the end of the healing path and it’s time to re-purpose our energy because things are moving slowly or not at all, we need to make some new choices about our healing path. What do we do next?

We have been healers and seen ourselves as healers for so long that we do not know what to do next. What are we doing if we are not healing? What do we do with our energy if we are not applying it to healing? How do we relate to people when we do not present ourselves as the healer in their lives? Every time I ask a client that question there is a long pause because it’s something they have never considered before and they do not know how to answer that question. They usually do not even know that it is an option for them. But they can re-purpose their energy and use it in different ways, and so can you.

I’m asking you that question now because it is time for us to consider the next steps on our lives and I know that while healing is an aspect of that path, it is not the most important or strongest energy we must carry as we move into 2013 and beyond. There is no one who can tell us that it’s time to stop the healing, we have to tell ourselves. There is no one who can give us permission to see ourselves as healed and whole, we have to make that choice for ourselves. It doesn’t mean that we won’t heal or be healers any longer, it just isn’t the focus of our life path or purpose now. What happens if we re-purpose all of the energy we have been using to heal others and become examples of healed, whole living?

What does your life look like if you are in joy, at peace, successful, happy, feeling fulfilled, knowing your expanded purpose, being powerful and creating the life you wish you had now? It’s all within your reach when you shift your focus from healing into being healed and whole, when you see yourself as a powerful example of what it looks like when your healing work is finished, rather than embodying the martyred healer paradigm, being a victim or reminding the world that there is work to be done. Can we allow one phase of our healing work to be complete and the next one to begin?

In this next phase, which begins now and really moves ahead in 2013, we can be examples of empowered, soul-filled, expanded living. We can live as martyrs but why not live as victors? We can live as victims but why not use the power we have within us to create a new paradigm of empowered, joyful living? We can show people what is wrong with the world, but isn’t it more powerful (and fun) to show them how right, blessed, joyful and empowered the world can be? This is the next step on our path and it’s one I am going to take starting now, I hope you will join me.

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