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Ann Albers – Messages From Ann & The Angels – 26 January 2013

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Today we will speak about the nature of patience. As we look into your hearts dear ones we see so many of you anxious and eager to “get on” with your lives. This is wonderful! You are excited. You have dreams and plans that cause your heart to jump for joy! And while we love that you are looking to the future with such zeal, we also know that being fully immersed in your present day, celebrating what you can find to enjoy in each moment, then you will create a vibration to draw you forward into that very future you desire so much faster. For as we have said on so many occasions, the universe always provides you with a match for the energies you are sending out – both consciously and unconsciously.

For example, say you want to create a new career. When you think of doing something that fulfills you you sigh with relief. You feel excited. You can’t wait to get going. However, if you want to create that new career faster, then dear ones, don’t go into your present job with a heavy heart, saying, “I can’t wait until this is over. I can’t wait to get out of here,” because then you are not putting out the highest vibration into the universe. Instead say, “Well here I am, and I am excited that I am creating better, but let me put as much love as possible into my day, right here and right now.” In this vibration of love, all things come so much more quickly!

Likewise say you want to create more financial prosperity in your lives. By all means sit and visualize and feel how life will be like with more money. Enjoy imagining all the wonderful things you will do with this money. But if you want to create it, don’t in your very next breath allow yourself to feel trapped and limited by your current circumstances! That puts a vibration of lack out to the universe. Instead find what abundance you can find now, in this day. Look at the sunset! You are rich! Hear the birds singing! You are wealthy. God gives you so many gifts right now. Yes, we hear you right now. Appreciating the birdies doesn’t pay the bills,” you say. Dear ones, we say, yes it does, for the vibration of gratitude and a full heart will always attract everything you truly want and need. An appreciation of the richness of life seeks out and attracts more.

Patience, dear ones, comes from faith in God’s love and an understanding of how the entire universe works. Patience is an appreciation for what you have right here and right now. It is a willingness to seek the love, the abundance, the joy, right here and and right now, knowing that God loves each and every one of you so much that what you truly want and need will come in right timing, when and if you are in the energy to attract it. You have lessons to learn here upon the earth. You are exactly where you need to be.

Perhaps you need to “try out” the belief that you are loved. Every time you feel fearful or impatient, simply say, “I know you love me God. I trust you will move me in the right directions. I know you care about my heart and my dreams, because you put these dreams in my heart to begin with.” Then you go about your day, patiently knowing that God is with you and God cares. Patience should not be associated with a willingness to suffer through your days until they get better! Patience should arise naturally because you choose happiness now.

How is it you have the patience to bake a cake, but you cannot wait for your manifestations knowing that if you combine the right ingredients within yourself, and warm them with the vibrational frequency of love, surely they will arise into the heavens and give you back such sweetness? Impatience is fear wearing a mask. Impatience is pulling the cake out of the oven to check on it, to pacify your fears, and thereby ruining it. Impatience is digging the seeds you planted out of the ground to see if they have sprouted yet, thereby ruining their growth. Impatience is putting out a vibration that interferes with your creations.

So dear ones, practice patience, for in truth you are practicing living in a reality of truth, where you know and choose to focus on the fact that you are deeply and dearly loved.

God Bless you! We love you so very much.
– The Angels

Message from Ann

Hi Everyone!

I was not born a very patient person. Only the angels and life have taught me the peace that comes with patiently knowing God is in charge and working for my joy. I do my part by focusing on the good in my life now, and the good that I wish to create, and then I trust that the rest will be handled handled by heaven. It was not always this way!

Years ago I wanted to get my first book, “Whispers of the Spirit,” published. I prayed, “God tell me where to get this book published!” The angels answered, “It will not be published for some time. You have not yet grown into a space where you can be out in public. It will be published after your second book.” Being young, Aries, and impatient, that wasn’t OK with me. “Just give me the name of a publisher!” I insisted. And so the angels (very patiently, I might add) gave me name after name of publishers who rejected my work!! I finally wrote one back and asked her to tell me why I was being rejected. “You don’t have enough experience in your field,” she told me. I surrendered.

Years later, I wrote, “Love is the River,” a book about surrendering to the flow of Divine Grace in your life. The book rewrote my life as I wrote it. I learned patience, right timing, trust, and faith in the goodness of God and the incredible love that guides our lives. I decided to self publish rather than getting a publisher and all that entailed. And sure enough, my other book was published after this one! The angels were right. I was not ready to share my heart and the intimate details of my growth into who I am today back when I thought I was. In fact it would have devastated me. One of my now favorite reviews of “Whispers” was something to the effect of, “I couldn’t understand why I had wasted my money buying this book about a depressed an angry woman until I got into it and realized she was showing us how to get out of that space!” Had I published that book when I was younger, I would have heard criticism in that statement, not praise. I would not have been ready to be so vulnerable. God knew. God was protecting my heart all along.

Likewise I have “forced the river” on many things in my life only to regret the choices. I want a boyfriend now, I told the universe once. A guy showed up. I smugly was proud of my creation. He matched my four page list. I had forgotten a few items, like “mature” and “responsible!” Now I leave my entire life up to God and I only intend and manifest what arises from within my heart, not what my mind thinks I need to be happy! Eerything is so simpler and pretty amazing as a result. I am happy now even as I am creating more.

When we get impatient we contrive ways to force the river. We think about what we think will make us happy, instead of just trying to BE happy now. It is like chasing a moving target that we never quite catch, or if we do, for only a fleeting moment. I used to be happy when I crossed off the to do list items, or when I achieved something, but now I am happy in the process of life! Life is happening now, and now, and now. Find the good now. Create the good now. Don’t wait. Recently I was getting very impatient with the fact that I have a leaky elderly dog. I had to find a way to embrace the moment as I put on my rubber gloves and commenced the cleanup process. “How do I bring love into THIS?” I prayed. I heard the angels giggling. They know humor works with me. “We have a prayer for you”, they said as I felt ripples of their laughter course through me like ocean waves of love. “Do tell,” I replied, knowing this one must be good. “Dear Lord, Deliver us from pee-vil now and forever Amen.” I burst out laughing, cleaned up the mess, and focused on how much I loved my dog. Puddles may be a fact of life on and off for awhile here, but at least I can bring light, humor, and love even into this situation.

If we seek out and create good in our lives now, then we can be patient waiting for more. If we insist on focusing on all that is wrong, then we are by our very nature going to be quite impatient, and as the angels said so much more delicately than I, we will screw up our manifestations by focusing on all that we perceive to be “wrong.” Better to say, lets make now as good as possible, create more light and love now, and then I know there will be more.

So, have a patient week, enjoying the present!
Love and hugs,


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