Monday, January 21, 2013

Denise Le Faye – Galactic Evolution

fermi-gc-bubbles-2010-360x64011-10-2010 photo of the Milky Way galaxy with two “Fermi Bubbles” protruding from the Galactic Center (GC) or “black hole”. Photo deliberately rotated vertically by me.
pregnant belly
Pregnant woman — nine month physical gestation period.
GC burst bubbles 416x617
1-2-2013 “Giant Outflows” discovered coming from the two burst Milky Way GC “Fermi Bubbles”. Photo deliberately rotated vertically by me to match what I’ve been clairvoyantly seeing since January 2011.
From Winter Solstice December 21, 2012 through Fall Equinox September 22, 2013 is a physical nine month period for earth/humanity and these GC energy “Giant Outflows” and the evolutionary changes it will naturally cause.
Niagara Falls
Photo of Niagara Falls. As close an image to what I’d clairvoyantly seen of massive white light energies in space pouring downward that earth/humanity would soon be entering.
Aquarius diamonds   aquarius jug reduced size
Glyph of Aquarius and its energy waves. Cosmic Aquarian jug is the Milky Way GC “black hole” where the Aquarian energy “Outflows” come from that then pour down on earth/humanity.
crown chakra 800x797      Multicolored Hearts 800x800
GC “Outflows” pouring down into humanities Crown Chakras and activating the Shift into our High Hearts…
yin yang disintegrating800x672        triality sign 800x672
which dissolves Duality consciousness/reality and births Triality, Unity, or High Heart consciousness/reality.
800x800 change difficult message  change for the better
Change/evolution/ascension is always difficult and scary, but in about nine physical months, here comes much BETTER.
Denise Le Fay

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