Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – A Great Love Story

God said:
Holy is the heart of you wherein I abide. Holy holy is the heart deep within you where I sit and where I gaze into the deepest part of your Being which happens to be Myself. How complete We are together, and We are never apart. We are holy in Our Oneness. There is nothing at all but Oneness.

We have captivated each other. Our hearts beat in love, and love is swung around the world and meets itself. We don’t meet on My doorstep, beloveds, though it often seems like that. The fact is that We meet in Oneness. There is no place where We do not meet. There is no better place to meet than in the depth and breath of Our One Heart, One in love, and One in an embrace like no other.

Our love is a busy street, as it were. It is a main artery. Our love goes everywhere and stays everywhere, and it is Our love that overtakes the world. What a power Our love is. Nothing compares to it. Nothing. Furthermore, there is nothing but Our love. Love is what the world is made of and nothing but love.

How immersed you are in other things, sometimes so immersed that you don’t know which way to turn. I am telling you. Turn inward. Come to the unbroken seal between Us. It is love and nothing but love. We are on a runaway train of love, as it were. We are Love Unbounded. We are Love. That’s Our story. It is the story of Life on Earth. It is as if Our hearts have eloped, and We are eloping still. How beautiful is this heart and love of Ours that is Love Excalibur. Our love story is a great love story of great fortune. Our story does not have to be told, yet Our story sings of itself in a melodious voice. It is sung in Heaven and on Earth. What a song it is. What a love song. What love We bring to the Table of Life.

There is never a pause in Our Love. You may have thought so. You may think so now, even as We embrace. Our love does not wander. Your mind does. Your thoughts do. Even so, your thoughts are a minstrel band that marches, marches throughout the Universe. There is not a spark of light or a grain of sand that is not lit by Our One Love. Drink deeply, beloveds. Breathe deeply, and as you exhale, more love spins around Our One Heart and throughout the One World, the One Universe, the One Heart that embraces all even as there is nothing else to embrace. This is It. We are It. We are Love indelible sailing across the Vast Universe which exists solely in Our One Heart.

We are a big ad campaign for love. Love is the soldier come Home to roost, and Love, the Soldier, never leaves.

All the corny things said about Love are true. There is One Love even as it appears in multiple forms. Love is love, regardless of its form. The essence of love is Love. The essence is enlarged to Oneness, and all is contained within this Oneness. There is a Oneness of Neutrality. There is a Oneness of Vastness. There is the Vastness of Oneness. There is a Field of Oneness where Oneness meets itself, a Group of Oneness, a Tower of Oneness that rises straight to Heaven and takes the world with it. Profound is Our Love. Vast is Our love. Vast is the Heart of Love as it plies its tune for all to hear.

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