Friday, January 25, 2013

KP: Well, Here’s a Post About, “I Do NOT Know What…” Yet…

121112_1126_kauilapele_beams of light_mauna_kea_DSCF2254_08_2I’ve just been looking at things tonight, and I knew I said I’d write something more about my “issues” withthe last Nidle post, but nothing seems to be flowing. Yet.
I guess it was about a couple of things about “disclosure”. And Agartha. Disclosure leads to a connection with Agartha. Here it is…
“One of the more vital responsibilities of this new governance is disclosure. This single act opens up the lines of communication to Agartha, your Ascended Masters, and of course us. With this announcement your world opens up!”
Alrighty, then, here’s the deal with that.
  1. Disclosure. For many of us, disclosure has already happened. I don’t feel I need any more “evidence” of the fact that “Higher Ups”, “Higher Dimensionals”, or whatever, are here to assist us, if we so choose, and if we ask for it.
    - However, another piece of this is that I have learned that I am a Galactic, or Higher Dimensional. Although my work is here, at the ground level, 3D, whatever you call it, it also encompasses many other dimensions. That does not mean that I have to “zone out” into another dimension, or live like I’m not here on this planet. I am here. I accept that. But I also accept that I am there, too, in the Higher Dimensions.
  2. Line of communication to Agartha. You know, if I really want to communicate with Agartha, I can. I can ask for the lines to be made open. I can even meet one of them. Either “up here”, or “down there”, in Agartha. At this particular moment in time, I do not feel any need to do that. For myself, there is no need for any “mass disclosure” to occur for me to be able to do that.
  3. …your Ascended Masters. That’s another good one. Undoubtedly there are beings whose overall vibration is somewhat “above” or “refined” or “different in a ‘Higher’ kind of way” (whatever that means) than mine. But I am through with any concept that puts MY beingness at a “lower” level (DEscended) than anyone else’s beingness, especially these so called “Ascended Masters” beingnesses.
    - Maybe I’m just a bit po’d at hearing this all the time. “Ascended Masters”. “Ascended Masters”. “Ascended Masters”. “Ascended Masters”. (“How many of your Ascended Masters can fit on the head of a pin?” Only one. Why? Read the next two paragraphs.)
    - Somehow I don’t feel like the “Master” of “Me” is anything but “ME”. Dammit!! (and I say that last word in a highly “Ascended and Master-ful” kind of way) I am not going to go around expecting some “Ascended” anything to come here and save anything about me. Save me from what? Me??? (now, read the next paragraph)
    - I say to me (because I’m sure as h— not going to say it to you), “I AM MY OWN ASCENDED MASTER… DAMMIT!” (again, I say that last word in a highly “Ascended and Master-ful” kind of way). Yes, I know there are undoubtedly other “Ascended” ones, but they are not MY Ascended master(s), because I am IT!!!
So that is all, for now.

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