Thursday, January 31, 2013

Marianne Williamson and the Law of Divine Compensation

I recently viewed a free 75-minute webinar by Marianne Williamson on the Law of Divine Compensation, which discussed some of the principles in her new book, also named The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money and Miracles. I thought it was useful and wanted to pass the reference along to you.

As you may know, Williamson bases her teachings on A Course in Miracles.
Williamson reminds us that miracles are our birthright. How the world views a situation is not the reality of what’s going on.

She reminds us that every encounter is a holy encounter. There’s always a higher purpose at work.
We might want to remember to give to God what it is we yearn for while being aligned with our true selves. We’re already programmed with divine architecture and all we need to do is be ready, or at least willing, to receive the download.
The universe is already programmed to deliver everything to compensate for any lack in the material world, Williamson maintains.
In our conversations with God, be willing to hear the truth, “I can handle it…let me see the truth.” That truth is of course about ourselves, what we need to clean up and what we need to atone for, and how in each moment we carry the desire to make the world a better place, she says.
When we see and feel lack, we must remind ourselves that there really is no such thing as a limited circumstance, and not to confuse what we may perceive as a limited circumstance with limited thinking. We can transform the situation, our mortal story and journey, when we have faith in the infinite power of possibility. The universe will compensate.
To work with the universe in this way, we remember that we are part of an infinitely powerful and wealthy family, and we are entitled.
She suggests that we let go of any ambivalence about money; money is neutral and we are meant to be uplifted beyond all of that. When we focus on higher thoughts we will transform the situation because the universe is already on it.
A taped reading from her book.
Quotes from her book
The universe is the handwriting of God, and it is both self-organizing and self-correcting.
Where there is lack, the universe is already planning to remove it from your circumstances.
That is the Law of Divine Compensation.
The only thing that can deactivate the Law is if you have more faith in the reality of lack than in the reality of the Law.
~ from The Law of Divine Compensation – On Work, Money and Miracles.
Dear God,
I surrender to You who I am,
what I have, and what I do.
May my life and talents be used
in whatever way serves You best.
I surrender to You my failures
and any pain still in my heart.
I surrender to You my successes
and the hopes that they contain.
May the Light of Your Love
shine deep within my heart
and extend through me
to bless the world.
~ Marianne Williamson.

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