Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ron Van Dyke – Mr. Obama, It’s Time To Walk Your Talk

Yes, I listened to his speech; and he did say a lot of good things. However, I have heard him and others like him say good things. As they say, “Talk is cheap.” Politicians and many others in our culture have been well trained in the principles of the Hegelian dialectic propounded by Georg Hegel. William Shirer, quoted Hegel in his book, “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: “…the State has the supreme right against the individual, whose duty is to be a member of the State…” Obama, like other great orators, says things the people want to hear; and he did so yesterday. He talked about his oath and the united States Republic; but he continues to act contrary to that oath on behalf of the corporatized criminals that engage in practices that go against the principles of freedom. In other words, his words are not reflected in his actions; for which I say, “Mr. Obama, it’s time to walk your talk.” [http://www.crossroad.to/articles2/05/dialectic.htm]

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