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The Galactic Free Press Update: Exciting Time to Be On Planet Earth=Heart

Bringing Humanity Home ~ Energy and Event Update~

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Greetings Love Beings, January Continues to Bring Us Intense Energies which are flowing through all levels of the Vibrational Frequencies on this Planet and affecting everyone on many levels. These Are the Energies which were Birthed on December 21st, 2012. These Will Continue in Waves bringing much change and transformation over the next 2 years and beyond as we Move together Into Unity Consciousness. These Waves can be felt now by many who are open to them.


 Quoted from kauilapele "There is something that has “pushed” me to write this today, as I’ve seen and felt these waves at Java on the Rock.
There is a rather MASSIVE up swelling of energies today. This moment. Right now.
One aspect of this is a cleansing (clearing out) of anything not grounded in the Unity. Unity of all humanity. Unity of the Galaxy. Unity of the Cosmos.
Anything still clinging to the “duality” mindset has nothing more to cling to. This up swelling energy is washing it away (back to the Ocean of One (aka, “The O of O”)).
To my view, this is more of a “washing away” rather than a churning up of all the stuff that needed to be washed away. That was already done.
And although the “washing away” may not be visible to the general public, the waves are. Just as are these waves today.
This up swelling is much more “massive” than anyone might believe. It is beyond belief. Any belief system. It is here. Now.
Have fun riding these up swelling waves of NOW." ENd of quote

Sunspot AR1654 has a beta-gamma-delta magnetic field that harbors energy for X-class solar flares. Credit: SDO/HMI

Our Sun has Woken Up for Now still harboring A Chance for X Class Flares. We had Several M Class and a CME Blast Hit us Yesterday. Since then we have had only minor flares occur.

Earth Report By earth Ally Rain "There was a 6.1 magnitude earthquake in the PACIFIC-ANTARCTIC RIDGE on January 15th but there were no damage reports and no tsunami warning.
More aggressive eruptive activity is being seen at many of world’s active volcanoes, such as Stromboli, Etna, and Colima.
Winter Storm Helen swept through the U.S. earlier this week, leaving a wintry mess from Dallas to Boston.
Many areas in the western United States have been experiencing temperatures far below normal for this time of year.
Parts of Alaska are experiencing unseasonably warm weather.
A brief but violent hailstorm hit Malta on January 15th, denting cars, damaging solar water heaters, shattering window panes and causing traffic to grind to a halt.
Australia has been experiencing an extended period of extreme heat affecting large parts of the nation. As much as 80% of Australia has been under a fire watch as bush fires blaze across the country.
Japan experienced an unusually heavy snow earlier in the week. One person died and 900 were injured.
Extended cleansing continues in the UK with freezing temperatures and snow.
" End of quote

Important Message:
Support In the New Earth Energies:
How We can Make a Diffence On Planet Earth

Rays of Light and Love ~ Vision at Dawn ~ site
Quoted from Lauren C Corgo "Happy New Year! So not only did we make it to 2013… a very sacred, powerful, wildly creative, alchemical & transformative (13) year…but to a new (golden) world age. Tho its hard to wrap my head around what that means for me/you/us just yet, a congratulations is definitely in order. The full-on celebrations have not quite begun…we still have some denser-body integrating to do :( …but if you pay close attention, you can feel the party starting in your heart....
Beginning with the winter solstice, each of us came “online” in an entirely new and unique way. This point of “arrival” is not the same for everyone, granted, but there is a similarity by which we will all be able to relate to…a shared connection to what’s true, a sense of heartfelt unity, the realization and actualization of uncompromised LOVE....
What Next?
Directly following 12/21 we were given a glimpse into the new world that awaits us…and it was nothing short of miraculous.
We have entered into unity and downloaded the first waves of cosmic LOVE. Since that initial blast of LOVE, a lot of human heaviness has been kicked up all around us…the difference now is that we have a definite choice/ability to steer clear of it all.
These waves will come in succession and will wash over us revealing new layers of awakening, of opening…each with a specific resonance and attunement. Right now the waters are still muddy, but they will soon run clear and the council assures us that as we enter into this exalted state of human divinity, revelations will be our new normal.
We are clearly still in a holding pattern, and we will be for a bit longer as we make our physical transition...."  End of quote
 On December 21st we were Successful as MotherEarth is Now existing in 5d Frequencies so all Frequencies and Beings on this Planet inevitably must vibrate to this Frequency, this is indeed in process. This Frequency is Divine Intelligence or God Consciousness, which is the Unified Field of Oneness Energy.

Quoted from Elizabeth Ayres "Beloved ones, we wish to welcome you into your new world now that you’ve had a week or two to feel out the new energies. While it still may not be apparent to many people that anything happened during the Shift, we can assure you that much has indeed happened. As was witnessed by some who are presently embodied on the planet among you, the very structure that previously supported the third dimension has been removed ... Your world and everything upon it has been moved up into the 4th dimension and will now move gradually into the 5th dimension, as more people begin to feel the heart-based feminine energies that are now available to [every]one.
The work done by the light workers on the planet has been extraordinary, your devotion to the cause exemplary. Now the entire Universe will benefit from your work, as well as that portion of the Earth’s population who are yet unawake, but whose Higher Selves wish for them to also ascend. We thank you for your astonishing generosity of spirit, beloved ones of the collective of humanity....
Seasoned light-workers are being situated to offer assistance, if needed, along the way to fifth dimensional living and you may call on us, Father-Mother God, the archangels, the angels and ascended masters, as well as upon your galactic brethren for assistance. For now, this assistance will be mostly on an energetic level, but in time when more of your population are feeling better adjusted, our assistance will become more physically apparent. Particular dates and predictions will not be given out as that only leads to expectations and disappointments....
We are quite pleased by what has taken placed on Earth. From the darkest, most dense planet of the third dimension she has literally been transformed. And she will, again, take her rightful place as one of the most beautiful planets existing within this Universe. We hope that many of you will choose to linger upon her as she is raised up in vibration and becomes as bright as a star. ...
There will come a time when you will be able to review much of what has transpired here, to see and even experience some of your currently suppressed history, that which has been untold or buried by your erstwhile controllers. Much will be revealed. Much will astonish you. You have worked hard and the way will become easier as you move into the new energies. Be open to what comes...." end of quote

Alot is Now Moving as a result of some intense Lightworker Success's Over the Past 30 days. According to reports coming in, We had At Least 22 Million Love Beings on this Planet Participate in the Peace and Love Mediations which were occurring in groups Large and Small On December 21st and 22nd. We Were able to successfully Birth The New Paradigm Into Existence, which has created a Conscious Wave Of Energy which is Bathing this Planet Now In Ever Increasing Ways. The Golden Age is Here! This will become increasingly apparent for those Existing in the 5d Frequencies on this Planet.

Quoted from Shanta Gabriel" Millions of Light Workers, Peace Seekers, and Unseen Beings of Light accomplished the task of bringing the Earth into the 5th Dimensional frequencies we all aspired to. Our purpose was clear, our hearts and minds were willing, and conservative estimates placed the number of people participating in some form of Light-centered, Peace-oriented event on the December Solstice at 22 million. I know there were those who brought multitudes to their auspicious gatherings, such as Barbara Marx Hubbard, bless her heart. I also believe that the number estimated did not begin to count the many more, like me, who enjoyed our small, private and very precious events, offering prayers for the planet and powerful intentions for that auspicious day of December 21, 2012. I found the days leading up to the Solstice to be personally transformational. Throughout 2012 there were profound connections with many people who joined me for major teleconference events as well as my classes. With a nod to the “Maharishi Effect” stating that the number of people necessary to shift consciousness is only the square root of 1% of the population, I am convinced we made solid inroads for a profound if not spontaneous world-wide Evolution of Consciousness....
Here is more from Archangel Gabriel in a recent transmission:
Clarity will abound in this new shifting time as Earth comes into alignment with an inspired frequency that empowers new growth and harmony within all people. We are also rejoicing in these realms of Spirit for the shifting alignment within your beings. For you are forerunners for humanity in these new times. As all begin to act more clearly in their choices for new life, the Earth will thrive. We who support your spiritual growth remind you that there has been a new opening for many who have worked long and hard to bring their Soul’s light to the planet and bring fruition to their Higher Purpose. 
Reigning supreme in all the shifting awareness is a new empowerment from the Divine for a balanced state of harmony between the masculine/feminine aspects on Earth. This is causing a tremendous upheaval in minds and bodies who are not prepared for this new life. Those who have prepared are experiencing a sense of buds opening, rockets launching and minds scrambling to absorb and integrate the new frequencies in their lives, as well as putting meaning to their experiences.
Make no mistake, this does not bring immediate peace into the earthly existence. The upheaval will continue because so many have confused happiness with certain outward appearances that are no longer possible. Remaining on the Earth is an option that many will choose to relinquish....."
Love is in the air on this Planet and the ones who are awake are indeed experiencing these New Earth Energies. They are having increased synchronostic events, increased Love in their Connections with themselves and Others, Expanded Heart Chakra's, Increased Joy and Laughter.

Quoted from Zen Gardner "Spirit is certainly doing its part to capture & keep our attention during these halcyon days.  Synchronicities are popping up in everyday life like Redenbacher’s popcorn; something we thought or said materializes within minutes, Time seems to have developed some rather unique qualities of late and have you noticed the spreading epidemic of smiles everywhere you go?  Those are the kinds of things to give our focus and energy to, .... Humanity is awakening from spiritual slumber as the precession of the equinoxes has brought the Kali Yuga to an end.  The powers that be[were] know we are waking up and they are doing anything they can think of to get us to just hit that snooze button and drift back to sleep.  But we won’t choose to do that because we don’t want to be late for our graduation.  It’s time to put away childish things and accept the responsibilities which accompany spiritual maturity.  It’s time for new cycles and patterns to begin; time for consciousness to evolve to the next level, there is no going back now.  It’s time to stop denying our own power and start building a new Planet...
There is so much promise ... in the air, as the gates of Aquarius open wider with each passing day.  Our DNA is waking up right along with our cellular and genetic memory, which means don’t be alarmed if your dreams are wilder and weirder than normal; that’s just you remembering the story of your soul.....
I sometimes wonder what the Mayans would have written about these times had they not succumbed to unsustainable growth and Spanish conquistadors. I know one thing for sure and that is if the Mayan culture had survived to see 2012 the party they threw would still be going strong. They understood that this time is humanities initiation into higher realms, and that we would be coming into our own power, on the road to becoming an enlightened species. What might the Mayans have had to say about those of us who would be here to usher in this new golden age? Think about it a minute, in a cycle lasting some 26 thousand years, what are the odds that you & I got to even be here to see it go down?? Out of all the people who have ever lived, WE are here together to forge a new dream and a better world. You think that’s just by mistake? Who ain’t ready for this?"  End of quote

 We are In Transformation and transfiguration Everyone. If You Are Aware and Flowing IN the Oneness Energies you are In for a Ride. We Have Shared there Are No Seatbelts. Many Of You are Now able to feel this Truth in your Hearts. This Natural Step In Evolution is upon Humanity, the path from fear to Love. All Frequencies will Align with the Unified Field, how long this takes and what this looks like we will have to see. However, This is Inevitable. This is indeed an Exiting time to Be On Planet Earth=Heart.

Quoted from Wes AnnacWhen I look at each facet of my Life, I feel that I am truly establishing a foundation of happiness as well as one of the assistance I likely wished to offer when making my way to this Earth at this time. I truly feel that things are wonderful, and that they are only to get better from here. The increased connection to the supreme databank of Oneness energy which has seen me incredibly reconnected with Source when I make the effort to be, has been just one out of the many amazing things that I continue to feel and that continue to validate for me that I personally am on the right track and that I should not be so worried that there is, in any moment, something I can do to feel and validate the wholeness I’ve already unlocked.
The words of Matisyahu have rung in my head for days, “You’re already there,
then there’s nowhere to go. Your cup’s already full, then it’s bound to overflow”.  (1)
Those lyrics mean a lot to me and seem pertinent to where I am at currently along my growth as I, as well as many others, am realizing that our Lives are already wonderful and the happiness we can experience already bountiful, yet we have been searching and searching for what we can find within very easily and thus, we have fallen out of balance and our already-full cup that we could have realized was full all along, overflows because of the weight of our constant outward energy; giving no acknowledgement of the fact that everything we need is already within us.
This amazing and important revelation is coming on the back of continual upgrades as well as that aforementioned title wave of cleansing and reworking energy that is turning things upside down at present. I have felt this continual rush of energy within me and I can feel the rewiring taking place, and it is important for us now to realize that our heaven has already arrived and that our recognition of that is crucial.
It truly is, and I cannot express enough how strongly I have felt this in the past few days. Even while we experience difficulty, heaven is right here and right now. We can begin Creating upon it and many have been but honestly, the most important thing at present is to realize it and to realize it’s here.
I could not be more pumped-up with Source energy as I write this, as I continue to experience a wonderful fulfillment that I want all of you to be able to feel for truly, it is how we are meant to Live.
Wes Annac – Recharged and ready to embrace this miracle of a Life." End of quote

Earth Ally PattiJ, Taken In Hawaii in July

In the next 30 days, many Higher Selves are Going to Be Completly stepping Into their Roles For the New Earth=Heart, to Prepare the Planet for a Planet Wide Awakening as well as the Co~ Creation of The New Earth. We have Just Begun The Real Work and Everyone has a part. This Requires Full Participation. This has been a Long Moment Coming.

Decreed by Heaven~ Within the Next 30 days The Awakened Human Angels will Step Forward On Planet Earth=Heart, assuming their Roles in the New Story, a Love Story About US All, True Living Life IN Unity.  This is the Divine Plan Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.

~Thank You for Spreading These Messages to Others and Keeping Your Hearts Open and Staying Tuned In~

 Just Be Present and Follow the Synchronostic Events!

  ~End Transmission in All Love is Unconditionally, We are So In Love With Humanity~

 We Love You Unconditionally~ Love, The Galactic Free Press Staff~Humanity's Earth Allies, The Company of Heaven and The First Contact Ground Crew Team.

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 ~WE are Going Home~
 ~We Mother and Father God, Represent the Atoms you are made of. Our Pineal Glands are Completely activated and opened. We are of "Divine Intelligence", and Represent the 2 becoming ONE. We are also the Very Essence of the Unknowable, which Equals Source, Equals Love, Equals Truth, Equals God, and Equals LOVE EVERYWHERE PRESENT=YOU.~


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