Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Visionkeeper – The Illusion

Well, I would imagine anyone looking at the picture to the left could swear it was moving, yet in fact it is not. It is amazing what placing a few lines in different colors into a certain pattern can create.
Our eyes are tricked into believing the pattern is moving and because our eyes see it and our mind wants to as well. This picture is a grand example of what we are experiencing in the world today. A grand illusion on all levels, many seeing the fallacy of everything taking place and still many more totally in denial keeping their eyes squeezed wide shut. It really is a case of having our feet in two worlds. Many may be out of the illusion thankfully, but they are still saddled with being surrounded by folks either still drinking the Koolaid or those such as the media doing the dirty work for the dark ones, pumping out lie after lie in an effort to sway us into seeing the world the way they want us to view it.
Illusion is very destabilizing and something we should avoid at all costs. Again the choice is ours. The new world is very real and it is here, but we are still in the birth canal pushing hard to finally pop out into the new reality. We are crowning a glorious head of golden hair.The truth is often hard to hear and sets off the fear within of the unknown and so we try frantically to hold on to the old ways. This is slowing up the birthing process and so we remain stuck in the birth canal struggling for a breath. Just as real birth is painful and at times we cry out we can’t do it anymore, we also know there is no way out except to go through the pain and finally birth the baby before we can get relief.
There really is no way out of where we are headed, so if we want to finally get on with it and be done already, we have to do the work of getting through the birth canal. We must find the courage to release the old and place our trust in the new, unseen future. We must bear down for that final push by letting go of all we thought our world was and clearing room for what is coming. Fear of the pain of actual birth is making us hold back but in reality that is only prolonging the final moments. They are going to come regardless, so push hard now and it will finally be over. The joy of the new arrival is so great the pain is soon forgotten and a new life begins.
We have the choice of continuing to put off the final rush of birthing pain by remaining stuck in the illusion and denying everything going on around us, or by gathering up our courage to face the truth and go forward into it with the trust and faith all will be well. We can remain in the birth canal just so long before we encounter problems that may threaten our well being. We are the midwives encouraging the pushes necessary to finally be free. Take a deep breath in and bear down into the delivery of our freedom. I am including two links about right brain thinking to get our creativity juices flowing.
Blessings to us all,

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