Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bill Ballard – New Persons Are Waking In Mass Not Realizing Thoughts Create Reality

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There is a whole massive wave of persons waking up. Yesterday brought several dozen messages both from those who do not accept they create their reality by their thought, emotion, perception and intent. There is another wave of intellectuals who cannot realize the invisible realm of beings and energies. Whew… The chaos of the messages and energies attached to them that I received yesterday was beyond. In a way that is GREAT, as it means that a mass of the collective of humanity is now waking up. In another way, as an open spiritual and energetic being who feels the energies, I want to simply shut it all down. By answering questions to persons who dont have realizations, I feel that they can not comprehend that I would have to say and my responses would be a tar baby scenario where I would be trying to help another “get it” when they have not done their own work realizing the truth of what is going on on all the various dimensions at play currently… I LOVE YOU ALL, but peeps… WE EACH MUST DO OUR OWN PROCESS OF UNDERSTANDING AN INNER LIGHT IN MENT aka Enlightenment.

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