Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bill Ballard – Unconditional Love – Watching Global Events During The Current Lull

Uploaded on 7 February 2013 by pearls2u It seems we are in that “rest stage” in the energies, a lull between the intensities of what we have been feeling since the first of the year, and where we will soon be. I have grown to recognize these times in my own ascension process as a time where we need to rest as things will soon heat up. Much is happening on all fronts and the cosmic front is the one that most interests me. A new wave of CMEs will be incoming tomorrow, as one did yesterday that along with a planetary alignment caused an 8 magnitude quake in the Pacific. There is so much going on in the lives of the collective too, different characteristics being seen of those on the various dimensional levels of awareness. To me, remaining in the bliss of my heart chakra, feeling the energies and just being an observer of what is going on around me is such a wonderful thing. I wish I could share my bliss with all…

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