Sunday, February 3, 2013

Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Your Body Is Telling You What Your Really Thinking


Reader:  I need help with the gap between spontaneity and communication of intent.
For most of you the gap between your communication of intent and your spontaneity, is because of the way you think you are communicating your intent. You are a very verbal, logical society and so you believe you communicate with your words, your verbalized ideas. But what you are really communicating with is your vibration. And that vibration is happening long before you really have a chance to think about it with your verbal mind.

So the gap is just the difference between what you are vibrating and what you think you are vibrating. It’s like that affirmation that you repeat over and over again, even though deep down inside you really don’t believe it. Deep down inside is the place you have to go to get your communication in alignment with your spontaneity. Spontaneity always rises up from within with the force of spirit.
To get your Hara, your deep center of being, in alignment with what you think you are wanting, you must pay attention to those internal disagreements. You have all different kinds of ways of doing this inner work, but the bottom line is that you must find agreement with your core. Your core feeling Center is a much better indicator of what your vibration is saying to the universe than what you think. Your verbal mind can go off on all kinds of tangents but if your body does not agree you will not move from that place.
It’s not enough to just think about it. You have to obtain whole body agreement with what you are thinking about yourself. In other words, your body is telling you what you are really thinking, while your words are telling you what you want to be thinking. Your affirmations only begin to work when you have said them so many times that you begin to believe them deep down.
Take these things that you want to believe to your heart, and then take them all the way to your deep center, your hara center of being. When you do this, your spontaneity, your breath, every fiber of your being, will be radiating the same, irrepressible signal.

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