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Lisa Harrison – The Collective Imagination Blogtalkradio On OPPT And Further Info

collective_imagination_logo6(This is for me the best explanation of the OPPT and what it is, means and why it has that bigger spiritual level to it than most can think of. The the big corporations, bankers, lawyers and  governments and all those that work for them will try to deny that they have lost power total and do not know how things for their control can be fixed what can’t be, they need to step down and we make clear they have been played out. An important matter in this ending of the duality game is not to get down to kill the opposite polarity that teaches you what good is by being bad or the shades of light, expressed through dark. I know it is difficult to understand they are one with us and came here with us upon this earth to play their roles in knowing the game of duality would end. Let us reconcile with them and make them whole again also. We all need to ascend as lightbeing in our beings of now whatever role has been played.)
Heather Tucci-Jarraf (and a crew of favorites) joins Lisa Harrison in a discussion of a very important piece of the OPPT documentation, discussed in the last post. As you listen to this, if you find your mind is “blowing”, or “expanding”, rest assured it is simply a result of your waking up to who you are, and why you came here. I’ve added Ginger’s notes below the MP3s.
MP3s (minus music, volume leveled and boosted) (30 min., 7 MB per Part)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Complete show (1:59, 27 MB)
Intro (1.5 min., 0.3 MB)

[Ginger's notes (Mahalo, Ginger!!)]
OK everyone, this was the biggest one yet!
If you did not already listen and are wiped out God-smacked on the beach, get out your inter dimensional surfboard wax, as Heather takes us out to energetically surf the biggest ones to date! She clarifies why she refined the wording on this December 10th UCC filing below, which is the Absolute Source Endgame. This is the ultimate Ho’oponopono for one and all offered here.
I took a few rough notes for future reference . . .
- In order to understand the multi dimensional nature of the UCC filings, one must understand what a strawman is and how we have been unknowingly harvested, or what has been a grand embezzlement of Energy.
- Conversely, this UCC is a harvesting tool, reconciling our Source contracts . . . bringing yin and yang back into balance.
- Why the word “Creator” in this filing is used lots.
- What “Bondservant” in this filing means, that very important.
- Around 18mins – A bit why she does not use the word “divine” yet.
- Sheldon has been working with the military for past few months (lol – no surprise :) ))
Where we are now . . .
-”Eternal hearts” – are us.
- Bondservants immediately reconcile all contracts with source and so we are now free.
- Imagine in each being, their eternal heart before you . . . and just observe.
- Around 59 mins – Akashic records – Absolute Record of Creation, with no part missing.
- Around 62 mins – opportunities will now arise to get know all sorts of folks, even the beloved “Darpa Boys” – lol!
- Around 85 mins – Akashic records – why so much confusion and delays in past months . . . how even “the cosmos were hoodwinked” . . . was the most astonishing revelation for me!
- Around 98 mins – Interim – CVACs job is to first put the Absolute Data (within each of us) out on the table for everyone to choose. And why absolute transparency is critical now . . . WE are each our own CVACs.
- Everyone is now a public servant . . . to themselves.
Collective Imagination Show [was] on NOW… (and links to “The Document” they are speaking about)
collective_imagination_logo5[UPDATE 1837 HST: MP3s are in the next post] [UPDATE 1605 HST: This show is what some would call:
"A Blockbuster".]
First, here is the link to the show.
Now here are links to articles with the document they are speaking about.
And here’s a link to the document itself on Scribd…

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