Friday, February 8, 2013

Sophia Love – Living Gold


It is the idea of freedom that we are defining.  It is not the fact of freedom.  We are free.
Bashar defines abundance as “The ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.”  Sounds like another way to define freedom.  Both assume sovereignty.
What do you know without question?  Who are you?  We are being asked now these questions.  Your response will structure your reality.

This life is a choice.  Which outcome are you most invested in?
Your answer is given in where you spend the bulk of your time.  Energy invested yields equivalent results.  Choose intentionally.
Freedom demands responsibility.  It does not involve subservience, obedience, allegiance, ownership, fault or debt.  You Are.
Imagine your first day free.  You will notice an absence of blame.  Everything starts and ends with you.  There is no other.
It is awesome and wonderful and terrifying in an instant.  What I decide, I have.  What I choose, I do.  What I believe, I am.  There is only choice.
Do you understand that the Cabal/Illuminati is here as contrast?  That they exist in this reality and in fact at this point are everywhere in our lives because we see ourselves as powerless, unworthy and lesser than?  That as soon as we understand we are unlimited, powerful, free and equal – we ARE??? (and the Cabal/Illuminati is powerless)
This is all illusion.  As real and painful and broke and angry as it has become – none of it exists beyond our perception of it.
It can be gone and will disappear as soon as we are done playing with it.  Are we done yet?
You are beholden to none.  You are magnificent and brilliant living gold – priceless and beyond measure.
We are, right now, creating our new world.  How much fun do you want to have?  How much gold?  How many rules?  How many rulers?  How many limits?  How much abundance?
Your life is your fault.  Consciously now, choose.  Your friends, your words, your thoughts, your doing.  You are free.  You are limitless.  Let yourself go anywhere and with full awareness, BE who you are.
You are the ONE you’ve been waiting for.

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