Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Visonkeeper – We Are No Longer Treading Water


For so long it felt like we were treading water and making no movement at all. It felt almost hopeless for a while and yet I can see and feel a huge ground swell of change sweeping over the planet. There is a quickness in our steps now, we have found the new direction we need to be going in and we are finding our niches to fall into to help bring about the change. So many around us now are feeling this rush of energy and we are going with it, to wherever it takes us and drops us off. Each one of us has a gift we can offer the world and we are starting to do that, be it making changes in our own communities or going out into the world and doing something that is needed. We are sharing ideas and bringing them to fruition and this is beginning to change the world around us. We see each other doing things and it inspires us to do something as well. It is like a contagious bug that is gripping people only this bug is positive and good!

I was watching the cooking channel the other day and was shocked to see a new cooking show they have added to their schedule. It is a show about what kinds of foods can heal diseases and it follows patients from beginning to end of their treatment through food! I am surprised Big Pharma has allowed this which tells me they are loosing their power and control as well as so many other bully corporations. Change is afoot and it is occurring quickly now. The alternative lifestyle is slowly beginning to take over mainstream and it is most refreshing indeed. I think a great many people have had the disease that ‘ if it’s on mainstream media it’s believable, if it’s not, it’s not believable’, as sad as that is to admit. People have to SEE it to believe it. Well now they are beginning to see it and just maybe they are getting to a point they no longer NEED to see it!
Change is definitely underway and the more we gently push things to the fore front the sooner the switch will complete itself. It is all coming about because random people are taking the initiative to change things in their own lives and in their surroundings. People are stepping forward and offering whatever gifts they have and putting it into action. We finally realized we had sat and waited long enough and now it was time to implement change for ourselves in one way or another and we took action. It only takes one person to get the ball rolling, so imagine if hundreds or thousands were to take action as well. I believe this is what we are seeing taking place right now and it’s only going to grow.
People out and about we bump into now seem eager to learn about how to change and what they can do. All they need is a little encouragement and get pointed in the right direction and off they go and most likely will do the same for others along their journey. It is all growing in size and speed so much now, like the proverbial snowball rolling down the hill. There is no stopping this snowball I’ll tell you. It is too big, going to fast and it is rolling all over the place with no direction in mind. It’s time to grab our speedo suits and take the plunge for we are no longer treading water, but rather are flying on top of it at warp speed.
Blessings to us all,

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