Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Art of Loving Detachment within Relationships

Recently I had a good friend ask me to write about detachment. I thank her for this question as it is most relevant toward helping yourselves toward spiritual growth and ascension.

Everyone in all of creation is on the mission of self-discovery and creation. This great mission helps us to expand our awareness and the total awareness of the creator/source.  Every soul here is a student/teacher and a teacher/student. If we learn something from someone our teacher learns something from us. If we teach someone we learn form our students. Be aware that this is the process you are involved in with everything and everyone you interact with. A constant state of presence and awareness is the key to Mastery!

When a conscious human interacts with another human, the conscious human understand he is in lesson and sees the interaction with divine purpose. Our divine purpose of being should always be one of learning with peace and joy. An unconscious human views the encounter in terms of there ego. The uncontrolled human ego is self-serving and irrational. The uncontrolled human ego can produce fear, anger intolerance, judgment and selfishness.  

In most human relationships/interactions both parties of the relationship/interaction are unconscious and their egos are the controlling factor in there relationship/interaction. A relationship/interaction of this type is like riding an emotional rollercoaster. An uncontrolled ego runs through a host of different emotions at any time.

There are various levels of human consciousness. Generally a human is conscious, ordinarily unconscious or deeply unconscious. When a human is conscious they are in a high state of awareness being the watcher of their thoughts emotions and actions. Being conscious one identifies imbalances within themselves and others. Someone that is ordinarily unconscious identifies everything with their egoic mind and is not aware of their being. In the ordinary conscious state one is never truly at peace. It is a state of acute pain, discontent, unhappiness, boredom and nervousness that is always a background feeling. This is what the vast majority of people feel as what they call “normal”. A state of deep unconsciousness arises out of ordinary unconsciousness when things go wrong such as:

When the ego is threatened, there is a major challenge, threat, loss, real or imagined in your life situation or conflict in your relationship.

So when we are challenged or threatened and we are not in a state of conscious awareness we will move into a lower state of ordinary consciousness or deep unconsciousness. 

Within the state of ordinary or deep unconsciousness we will not be able to find a loving resolution to our conflict.

Loving detachment is found through conscious awareness within our god self.

So how do we get there? Become the watcher. Watch your thoughts, emotions and actions. When I become the watcher I engage the spirit, the real me, to see and become active in my actions. I find out that I AM something besides my ego. I begin to notice that I AM an actual being separate from my mind and body. So yes you are mind, body and spirit and the ego is a built in mechanism for the mind/body to operation in the material realm. You discover the actual original energy that is the real you and the real you becomes the one handling and resolving conflict.

So in a state of conscious awareness we are in an empowered state of our higher awareness. BEING in a high state of awareness is being detached for the mind/body complex. Loving detachment is found through separating our real energy from that of our mind/body complex. Through awareness we are the watcher empowered to make decisions in our god nature.  In a state of aware consciousness problems and solutions are identified through peace and love.

It takes focus and intent to make conscious awareness your normal state of consciousness. Once there we immediately recognize situations moving toward conflict, anger or other unwanted or needed emotions in yourself or others. Think about the life situations where you had a conflict. With each situation there was a point that you realized the situation was going to move out of control? In each situation why did you choose to escalate the situation out of control? The point that you inner being warns you that the situation is going wrong is the moment of choice. The choice is whether to move into full awareness if you are not there or to move into a state of deep unconsciousness. 

Be the witness of your thoughts, emotions and actions. Move into your god nature and become peaceful.  When you are conscious and aware you will recognize unconscious behavior in others. With love and tolerance one can detach from life situations and see things from a higher perspective. In detaching form an emotional charged situation one can access their higher self. In a state of awareness within our higher consciousness a peaceful solution will arise. We are taking the negative energy out of the life situation and replacing it with the light. There is no argument or anger when one is in a state of higher awareness.

It’s impossible for the unconscious angry or mad person to create negative energy with someone who has moved into a high state of detached awareness.

Therefore the key to success is though paying attention to our thoughts and actions. Through this attention one becomes responsible for their life in a higher state of conscious awareness. In a detached higher state of awareness your actions and decisions are more centered within love and wisdom. Focused loving detachment takes time to develop and is well worth the effort in bringing about peace in your relationships. Always remember to ask the Angels and Ascended masters to help you with your relationships. They are waiting and ready to assist you!

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