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Conquering Addictions and Energy Imbalances through your God Self

By: mylightwarrior

Over our lifetimes we gather foreign energies that build up in our system. These energies will stay with our system until we recognize them and release them from our system. The energies bring us out of balance and form the basis for the addictions that we have. Most humans have several addictions and some inharmonious energy present in their energy system. In physics we learn that like energy attracts. As these energies attract and grow within your energy system they can be thought of as a self within yourself. These energy selves can be dormant or active within you. Examples: Anger, Depression, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Sex Abuse, Jealousy, dishonesty, etc. Later we discuss in short detail about two of these conditions. I will say that the recovery for any of these conditions is a similar path. Some conditions you can remove yourself and others may require medical and mental assistance from fully conscious appropriate professions. The resolution and transmutation of these imbalances must take place through your “I AM” presence “God nature”. It is impossible to bring your energy system into complete balance without the assistance of your God self. Your God self, spirit guides, angels and the Ascended Masters will bring whoever or whatever you need into your life for resolution of you imbalances.        

In order to identify these unwanted energy bodies we need to understand states of awareness within human consciousness.   Generally a human is conscious, ordinarily unconscious or deeply unconscious.

When a human is conscious they are in a high state of awareness being the watcher of their thoughts emotions and actions. Being conscious one identifies imbalances within themselves and others. Peace, balance and harmony are the normal states of this awareness.

Someone that is ordinarily unconscious identifies everything with their egoic mind and is not aware of their being. In the ordinary conscious state one is never truly at peace. It is a state of acute pain, discontent, unhappiness, boredom and nervousness that is always a background feeling. This is what the vast majority of people feel as what they call “normal”. Drug, alcohol and sex dependency develops when an individual is trying to remove the acute pain of ordinary unconsciousness. 

 A state of deep unconsciousness arises out of ordinary unconsciousness when things go wrong such as: When the ego is threatened, there is a major challenge, threat, loss, real or imagined in your life situation or conflict in your relationship.
Let us look at someone who has an anger problem. Within this individual there is a self that is the anger body of energy. Normally the anger self is dormant until something triggers it and it becomes active. As the anger self activates the individual has a loss of awareness and may become deeply unconscious letting the anger self take over. The anger self feeds itself until the individual returns to ordinary unconsciousness awareness. In deep unconscious extreme rage humans can kill and destroy each other. In a conscious god state of awareness this killing is impossible.

Drugs and alcohol create energy body selves within your system. When you are in a state of ordinary unconsciousness and use drugs or alcohol your state of awareness is altered and the drug and alcohol bodies are activated. Drug and alcohol abuse not only creates an energy body it can also cause physical dependency within you mind and body. So not only does one have to recognize the energy bodies of the addiction, one has to deal with metal and physical dependencies created by this addiction. So with drugs and alcohol there may be a brain and body chemistry imbalance as well as an energetic imbalance created within the user. Someone addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, according to there level of dependency can stay in a state of deep unconsciousness for extreme periods of time.

So in most addictions we can have physical and mental brain chemistry dependency and energetic selves that are created and want to be fed. As these selves are activated they seek their like energy makeup and the body wants to have the chemicals it has formed a dependency on.

Within addiction one moves from ordinary unconsciousness to deep unconsciousness in most cases. In severe cases the individual stays in a state of deep unconsciousness.  Those that travel from one conscious state to other states of awareness can usually recognize an addiction through themselves or with assistance of others. Someone who is deeply unconscious at all times has to have intervention by those in a conscious state of awareness.

Victory is found within our higher self “God Nature”. When we are in a high state of awareness monitoring our thoughts, emotions and actions we are working within our God Nature. At first you will have to center yourself within your higher self. This is focusing on being aware of your thoughts, emotions and actions. Become the watcher and realize that there is a spiritual you beyond your mind and your body. Within a state of ordinary unconsciousness it will take determination to move yourself to where you are normally conscious in your higher self.  You will be distracted a lot at first and over time you will move into a greater higher state of awareness. During this movement to your higher self imbalances in your system will surface and you will have to clear them. These imbalances are the addictions and inharmonious energy within your systems.

The first step of resolving your energy imbalance is identification and recognition of the imbalance. In sever cases conscious individuals must intervene and help the unconscious individual back into a higher level of awareness before they can identify their imbalances.

Once in a state of competent awareness the individual has to Ask God, the angles and the Ascended Masters for assistance through your free will for resolution of your addiction. You have to ask them for help and continue to ask very frequently for assistance. You need to ask them to:
(a) Ask for protection from all negative energies.

Archangel Michael and the angels of the realm of truth I ask you to form a circle of protection around me that protects me from all negative energies and only allow that energy which is for my highest good.

(b) Ask them to help you stay fully conscious and aware of your actions.

I call my Spirit Guides, the angles and Ascended Masters to join me now, I ask my council of light to give me the will power and wisdom to stay fully conscious and aware of my thoughts and actions.

(C) Ask for the imbalanced energies in your system to be transmuted into the white light of the creator.

I invoke the Violet Flame of transmutation to scan all of my energy in this and all other dimensions and restore my energy system back into the harmony and balance of its original perfection.

The process of removing an energy imbalance is a process of thoughtful focused intent. It can be like riding a rollercoaster with extreme highs and lows at first then with determination focus and intent the ride will smooth out into a peaceful journey.

The fastest and easiest ride is where you bring yourself into a state of awareness as being one with all things and the Creator. The Beings of Light in the higher realms will assist you but, you have to ask them and ask often. Once again ask the Creator, your Guides, the Angles and Ascended Masters to help you:

(a) Be protected from negative energies

(b) Help you stay in full awareness, god centered

(c) Balance and heal your energy system

Through your request to the higher realms the great Beings of Light will bring the items or individuals you need into your life to be successful. You will be amazed at their ingenuity in assisting you. In time you will feel their great unconditional love for you. Do not give up, be diligent and focus your thoughts on how you want to be in the future, peaceful in harmony and balance. Visualize and dream of yourself as joyful and happy. Tell yourself every day, “I know I deserve to receive good things in all ways”. These are signals to the universe to manifest peace, joy and abundance in your life.

Recovery takes time and you do what you need to until the recovery is complete. What did I say, “You stay focused and DO UNTIL you are free”! The Creator, Angels and Ascended Masters will send you the people and resources you need. Because of the Law of Free Will you have to ask them and ask often.

I send you my love and energy and assure you there is a great multitude of Beings in the higher realms waiting for your call!

If you want my assistance just ask by send an email to and I will respond.

In the light!! mylightwarrior…….

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