Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sophia Love – Just Do Love

Song fills the air: “Let me love you, until you learn to love yourself…” Suitable background for our Quest; life can’t help but present for us the perfect amplifier of our deepest beliefs.
More than halfway now on our journey for acceptance, we face the obstacle that waits for us all – doubt.  It exists in seven billion forms, each the same at their core – fear.  What is our deepest fear?  That we are not good enough.  In some imagined way, we come up short.

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Our aim is fearlessness.  What would you do today if you were fearless?  What would you wear?  How would you prioritize?  What would your answers be?  How far would your imagination take you?  Where would you go?  For that is the life that awaits you.
As we proceed, and “get” that we are good enough, thoughts emerge.  Thoughts of greatness, success, love, beauty, joy.  These ideas feel good.  That is the point.  Nothing is more important than that you feel good.  Your feelings tell you what it is you are in the midst of creating.  They are your happiness signal; your success indicator.
Allow and encourage everything that brings a smile.  Say yes.  Guilt will fade away as you feel better, better, and better still.  There is this part in the movie “Hook” (video clip below, start at about 6 minutes) with Robin Williams as Peter Panning, talking to his son Jake.  Jake is playing around and Robin says “Stop acting like a child!”  With his eyes twinkling, Jake smiles, laughs and replies “I AM a child!”  Act like a child before society taught you fear of reprisal.  Just DO love.
Let this be your mantra.  As a being of limitless potential – allow yourself to BE. DO what it is you came to DO – Love.
For there has been none before you and there will be none after that can love as you do.  You’ve arrived now because your unique expression of divinity is necessary in our world.  We need what you have – there is no one else who can supply it.  Trust that small voice within.  It is fearless.  Know that you are loved.  You are.
Without condition or exception, love yourself.  This is how you are loved by Source; ridiculously, with wild abandon and without limit.  Feel that love run through you and know that YOU are the one we’ve been waiting for.
See you tomorrow!
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