We are in “Late Transition” on Planet Earth.
Our evolutionary transition began in 1945 when the United States dropped the first atom bombs on Japan. This was the signal that humans in self-centered consciousness with this degree of power would not long be viable. Of course, power to destroy and create has grown rapidly since them. We have powers we used to attribute to our gods, but we are not always “good” gods. We do not have many years to change our behavior if we wish to avoid a catastrophic collapse of our life support systems, our social systems, and indeed, life itself on Earth.
Social Evolution is a vast field designed to guide ourselves through this “crisis of the birth of a new humanity” such that we can cocreate a future equal to our spiritual, social and scientific potential.
We have a very short time frame. Linear, separate initiatives no matter how powerful will not suffice. Nor can we solve our problems in the same state of consciousness in which we created them, as Einstein told us.
What can we do that can make THE Difference?
It is to follow the guidelines of 14 billion years of transformation from sub atomic particles to us.
Here is what we learn by examining the principles of evolution. When nature hits limits and crises that cannot be resolved by doing more of the same, she innovates and transforms. The key method of transformation is to foster synergy and cooperation.
As evolution biologist Elisabet Sahtouris tells us, when young species are over populating, polluting, and competing, they either learn enlightened self-interest, negotiation, cooperation, and synergy or they become extinct. The same seems to apply to us. The only difference is that we are conscious of our situation, that we can destroy or evolve ourselves. This is a great step forward in evolution.
In order to get through this set of interrelated problems quickly enough, we need to cultivate SOCIAL SYNERGY, the coming together of separate groups, initiatives, and ideas to form a new whole system different from and greater than the sum of our parts.