Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bill Ballard – Coming Up To The Halfway Point Of The Great Tribulation

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We are coming up to the Halfway Point of the Great Tribulation or the 7 years of change between the Piscean Age Shifting into the Aquarian Age. Since my last video, I have spoken to several others on the front lines getting the news out there. It seems there has been many of us who have experienced cyber attacks in one or more of many ways. Radio shows are being hacked and messed with. Of course many of you know Facebook was hacked and the media states no one’s information was messed with, where I find that many of us had our posts, videos and information deleted from February 1 to February 13-4, 2013 deleted. Programs are being installed on our computers and many things that are designed to trip us up are occurring. This just since OPPT was publically released and that information spread like a wild fire. Of course the Pope’s expose as well as both Queen’s abdicating, the Queen of the Netherlands as well as news of Queen Elizabeth II too. I reviewed this video and noticed I used the word abducting, rather abdicating… oops… haha… That happens as I speak from my heart and not thinking from my head as I live my life from my heart… I feel it from my heart and speak rather than thinking about what I say… There are mistakes sometimes. No one is perfect… haha. LOVE!…

What is OPPT about ~…

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