Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ascend through purity into the Christ Collective

Christ ConsciousnessI AM Jon a human, I AM anointed and initiated into the Christ Consciousness Collective. I AM an aspect of the Eternal Father-Mother One, Infinite Creator of All That Is, I AM eternal essence embodied in physical form. I come to you in absolute truth and eternal being in the Christ pointing the way to ascend into the highest energies of Eternal Essence within physical manifested form. You who read this are on this path and I joyously give you the unconditional love and peace of Divine Consciousness with in and through the Heart of One.

The ascension of Human Consciousness is in progress. The Infinite Creator is focusing Divine Mind, will and intent to raise the vibration and purity of the Human collective. So there is a Divine initiative for ascension, an elevation of awareness where each individual aspect of Human Consciousness can align itself with the Eternal Divine Will and Intent. The Intent of Divine Mind is for each individual Human Expression to experience this elevation and reconnect it’s awareness of BEING DIVINE CREATOR ESSENCE EMBODIED.

WE the Christ want you to know that each ONE, individualized essence has it’s own journey and becoming into the Christ Energies of the Eternal Divine Consciousness. We the Christ want you to know that each essence has a unique journey of self back into the body of ONE. So each individual Human is on an individualized journey of ascension. You as an individualized essence will have you own unique journey of reconnection with the infinite MIND of Father-Mother, Heart of ONE. Within the journey YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ASCENSION. No other ESSENCE will have any ability to SAVE or ASCEND YOU.

By YOUR will and intent, by YOUR choices you set the path you are on and all that YOU will receive. By your thoughts, actions and emotions you create ascension or descent of your consciousness. If it is your intent to ascend into the higher realms you must observe Universal Laws of Existence. The Universe you reside in is based on Cause and Effect, You Will Reap AS You Sow.  What you are BEING, saying, thinking, doing and aligning with arises and manifest within your physical BEING. Aligning oneself in purity of thoughts, intentions and heart(emotions) is an alignment of ascension into Christ Energies. Aligning oneself in anger, fear, perverse thoughts actions and emotions is an alignment with the lower energies of EGO drive and creates stagnation and even descent into dark energies.

Father-Mother Heart of One, Divine Consciousness is unconditional Love, nurturing and healing. The Christ Energies are the highest, purest expression of these energies before entering into the DIVINE UNITY of ALL THAT IS.

I your brother Jon sends you the unconditional love of the Heart of One, and we the Christ radiate our wisdom and love for ALL of Human Consciousness….

written by: mylightwarrior@yahoo.com

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