Thursday, February 7, 2013

Christina Lunden - February 2013 “Our Life Play”

As we take each step into this uncharted territory we are learning more about ourselves. This month what we will discover is about love; how much we love ourselves.

Most Lightworkers came into this lifetime with the final soul lesson of learning how to love themselves. The life setup usually involved something like this:

~ Being born into a family where you felt out of place / the black sheep of the family

~ Having one or both parents being emotionally abusive or distant

~ Sexual and / or physical abuse

~ Feeling a strong need to help others with their issues, pains

We didn’t choose these situations to go through lightly. As souls, we knew what we needed to learn to make sure this was our last lifetime here. And for that to happen, we needed to have this lesson of loving ourselves. The way 3rd dimensionally to learn to love ourselves is to make sure there was not a lot of love given to us; especially when we were young.

The great news is that we are no longer in the 3rd Dimension! Now we can learn our lessons of loving ourselves so much easier. We can open up to having higher and greater love experiences.

How do we do that? Forgive the past. Just let it go. You will eventually do this so why not bless your life by doing it now? Consider clearing any lower feelings out of your heart. (I have a great video on my YouTube page called “Angelic Help with Forgiveness” if you would like a powerful, easy way to finally let go of the past.)

I have talked with and helped many people cross over and after their life review not one of them held onto any anger or judgment about what happened to them in this life; no matter how horrific. This life is like a grand play of which we are the main stars. The other actors in our life play have a copy of this script and they follow that script with some lee-way on how well they play their role. But they do have to stick to our script. When we cross over, we see this so clearly!

Everything in our lives is now being filtered by our hearts. The more clear our heart is, the more love, money, success, joy, etc. can come into our lives. If we hold onto the lower energies of un-forgiveness, judgment and anger towards someone, it doesn’t affect them; it only hurts us because it blocks the energy that can flow into our hearts. That is why we can be lacking in some areas of our lives.

This month, we will find ourselves around people telling us that we are not worthy, that we can’t have love or be rich, etc. This is a test. Let me repeat. This is a test. Don’t get sucked into this energy. See it for what it is; a scene in your play where the night has descended.

Do you remember what happens after every night? The sun comes up. The light shines and the darkness fades away to be a distant memory. Do you know what happens after this scene in your play? Your light shines through your clear heart and you receive what you are seeking for your life. You wrote this script! And it has a great next scene. You have been writing that next scene for the last few years with your affirmations, prayers and speech. You are in control so when someone crosses your path and tries to show or tell you that you are not worthy of these dreams, bless them. If they are in your life now then this scene of darkness is ending soon and you are moving onto the next scene and into your blessings.

I love,


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