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The Galactic Free Press Update: Light Energy has Moved to The Forefront of The Planet

Bringing Humanity Home ~ Energy and Event Update~

Greetings Love Beings and Welcome to February and The Chinese New Year of the Snake, which is Very Significant as this represents, the Kundalini Energy and Hearts Opening! A Blast of Energy was released to the Planet January 31st, 2013. This was to Really Kick Off February with a Bang of Light. We went Out with a BANG! This Month will defiantly be Exciting.The Energy of Light Has Arrived Completely at the forefront of The Planet. Light is Afoot, Truth is Afoot, and True Unconditional Love the Most Powerful Energy In Creation is Here On Planet Earth=Heart. We have many Events for February! We will See what Unfolds!

Rainbow Worlds Beyond the Veil ~ Cobra

"Quoted from Mahala "I think many of us were looking forward to being in a new energy after December 21, 2012, and thinking everything would be alright from now on.  The new energy is here, although we need to adjust to it so we can create what we choose to experience.  We are in the time when what we think manifests almost instantly. This means to really pay attention to what you think, and focus on “Thinking with your heart”.
There was a Super Nova in February of 1987. After that we had the Harmonic Convergence which pushed us into a new time-line. This year the Bubbles at the center of our galaxy erupted, and it is like a huge fountain ejecting all kinds of magnetic energy into our galaxy. Magnetic energy is blue. Could this be what the Hopi talk about as the blue star dancing in the heavens? This event was stronger than thousands of Super Nova, and was announced on January 2, 2013 when the Sun was at the closest point to Earth. What will this cause on Earth?  The saying is “As above-So below” because we are all one.  We are already feeling this new energy.
We are getting ready to enter The Year of the Water Snake on February 9, 2013 at 11:20 PM PST. There will be more water events this year. Water also rules emotions and it rules spirituality. We are still in the year of the Storm in the Dreamspell calendar. Saturn is in Scorpio which is a water sign, Neptune is in Pisces which is another water sign, and Jupiter moves into Cancer in June. Jupiter moves into forward motion today (January 30) and this is a huge planet so we will start to see things moving forward. It’s time to tune into the new energy.
The Water Snake is more compassionate than the other types of snakes. This snake is gifted with strong charisma and is very inquisitive. ...
This year will be good for those who are able to tune into the higher frequency Earth. For those who are not able to do that yet there will be lots of challenges. Scorpio and Pluto rule the dark side of life. Scorpio rules the very depth of darkness and Pluto is transforming this darkness into light. This means that a lot of dark stuff will be brought out into the open to be looked at and transformed. Scorpio also has the symbol of the high flying eagle for those who have balanced.... Hopefully a lot of people will reach for the eagle in the next two years.
My friend Mona channeled that there will be a great shaking both of the Earth and within us in mid-February.  This is a possibility because of all the Earth changes we have already gone through. The core of Earth is heating up and our magnetic field is very low. The core is what creates the magnetic field around Earth. If our core changes than we could have a great shaking called a magnetic pole shift. We have already gone through several shifts of our magnetic pole since 1994 and it has shifted several miles. This February might be a big shift. If so, we might start spinning in a different direction like counter clockwise. It’s like reaching the null zone where everything stops, and then we all start spinning again in a different direction. When this happens do not go into fear. It is all part of the process of reaching the New Earth.
There is also an asteroid that will be passing very close to Earth on February 15th. I don’t think this asteroid will hit the Earth but it will come very close and could trigger our magnetic field, and our own personal magnetic field called our aura. This means that if the core shakes, maybe from a solar flare, we could also shake and this could scare some people. If this happens stay cool, calm, and collected. All is Well in my World.
We do live in interesting times and we never know what a day will bring. Everything is moving so fast that it is hard to get anything done anymore. If the pole shift event happens, it is time to stop and recalibrate our own life. Control will not work anymore. If it doesn’t flow, just drop the challenge. We are now in the time of synchronicity, and this is the only way life will work anymore. It is a good time to change our perception of life and learn how to laugh and stay in joy. ..." End of quote

ERUPTING MAGNETIC FILAMENT: As expected, an unstable filament of magnetism curling over the sun's northeastern limb erupted yesterday. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the blast at approximately 0515 UT on Jan. 31st:

The Sun remains quiet for the most part.

~Earth Report from Earth Ally Rain "In the past six days, there have been nine earthquakes of 6.0 magnitude or greater. Eight of these have occurred in the past four days.
Four volcanoes are now erupting simultaneously in Kamchatka, Russia, one of the most infamous parts of the active “Ring of Fire.”
There was a freak hailstorm in Rangareddy district, India. Boulder-sized hail fell for as long as an hour, killing nine people.
New reports indicate that additional scientists are now saying that the sun has a bigger effect on earth’s climate than previously thought.
An extended period of cleansing in the UK (it started in November) continues with low temperatures, rain, snow and flooding.
Tropical Cyclone Felleng, previously referred to as the strongest cyclone of the season, hit Madagascar, Reunion and Mauritius, bringing heavy rains and 70 mph winds. There have been at least five casualties.
In the United States, an unusual, widespread January severe thunderstorm outbreak began on Tuesday morning, Jan. 29, 2013 and  delivered a swath of damaging winds and some tornadoes from the Southern Plains to the lower/middle-Mississippi Valleys, Ohio Valley, Tennessee Valley and Mid-Atlantic, a distance of roughly 1700 miles over a little less than 48 hours. The storm system also produced strong non-thunderstorm wind gusts in parts of the Northeast and New England into early January 31. The storm led to:
• 34 confirmed tornadoes in 10 states (Currently fourth largest January tornado outbreak)
• 699 high wind/wind damage reports
• 13 reports of large hail
• 384 strong non-thunderstorm wind gusts and 200 reports of non-thunderstorm wind damage (mostly in Northeast).

From RARE ICE HALOSOn January 28th at the Vitosha mountain in Sofia, Bulgaria, skiers stopped in their tracks when a magnificent network of luminous arcs and halos formed around the midday sun. Janeta Ganchevska pulled a mobile phone out of her jacket and snapped this photo of the apparition

In our last update we shared that Energetically We were going to see alot of Movement this Month and that we could easily see the build up of Light expanding across the Planet. Currently, Tons of Light is Pouring in, at an unstoppable rate. Many as well as Us are reporting having visions about this Month being very significant for The Planet including Bill Ballard and Drunvalo. 

Quoted from Bill Ballard "Many of us have been waiting for a long time for February 2013 knowing this month brings the possibility of the Great shift that many were looking for in December 2012. What will happen? I certainly don't know but I see beyond doubt that the energies are building to a great shift. I as well as so many others are anticipating this month and what it brings.

So much has happened in the 1st half of the Great Tribulation, the 3-1/2 years between September 2009 and now... The first half was about activation and contemplation of reality and stepping into our mastery as well as beginning of the Great Awakening of Humanity. Where we go from here is anybodies guess as timelines are still merging, leading eventually to the End of Time... Will it happen now? I don't know... But it is so very exciting to be alive, incarnate, awake, aware and activated right now witnessing it all go down..." End fo quote

Bill Ballard

Indeed the New Earth Energy is On the Move as More and More Awaken On the Planet on a daily Basis Now. This is Exciting as this is Now continually adding more and more of The Higher Vibrational Frequencies into the Physical Field of the Planet. The Unified Feild is strengthening and expanding at a quick rate as more and more Are Being and Living from their Heart. The Upgrade for Planet Earth=Heart is Underway.

Quoted from KP's Blog" is very clear to me... that the energies upon, and of this planet, have changed dramatically in the past few weeks. Think nothing happened on the 12-21-12? Think again....
There has been an upgrade. An upgrade. If you could not read that, it says,
It feels as if anything and everything that came before, is no more.
I’m sure some are trying to play the same old same old kind of game. But there’s nothing left to play. That game is no more.
And when I say, “An old paradigm is not worth a ‘pair of dimes’”, I am talking about even “paradigms” that were held one second ago, let alone, years ago....
Remember, we are in the midst of magnificent upgrading New Energies. We’ve been upgraded. We have received them, and we are them." End of quote

2013 is going to be a Wonderful Journey Into More of the Oneness Energies. We are Moving Into Unity Consciousness which is All About WE! Those who continue to choose the old energy and refuse to transform will be leaving the Planet. This is The Reality of the Shift which is underway on this Planet.Lightworkers and Wayshowers The Light is Coming in, in this Year of  2013 and it will be "Show Time", meaning Time to Be Love In Action. Love is Being Revealed On Planet Earth=Heart.

 Quoted from Jeff Fasano"What you can.... expect[ in 2013] is seeing the continued shifts in your old world of form outside of you. As each individual moves through 2013 with the full purpose and intention of we consciousness within the individual, the group, the endeavor and soul family, a shift energetically of mass consciousness will transpire. You will find in your third dimensional realm various entities and groups will be forming with this higher vibrational idea, we consciousness, in mind. This will begin to shift the energetic mechanization of your old world of form. You will see those in the old world of form remain in their defense and "fighting to the death" to hold that old world of form in place. What will transpire as well in 2013 is a full delineation of "the thirds" that We have spoken to you about. Those who are encrusted and entrenched in the old realizing that what is most important to them is the fight to hold the old in place, you will find them transitioning. They may relinquish this fight. ....
You will find many in the old world of form who fight to keep it in place relinquishing that fight and perhaps transitioning from your third dimensional realm. You are going to find more and more individuals who realize the old world of form outside of them no longer works, seeking the way showers and light workers. This population will be increasing. It is up to the way showers and light workers to be ready and available as many come to them for support and guidance. Your first four months is about support and guidance of each other. Because what you will find in the transition period in your second four months will be many from the masses coming to the light workers and way showers for support and guidance to transition from the old world of form and be enlightened to the new form of we consciousness, the new world of community, harmony and equality. ....
Way showers who have moved through the portal of 12/21/12 and fully accepted the roles they have chosen and that have been chosen for them multi-dimensionally in their soul fragment's divine plan will be moving through this process. This will be more defined and delineated as you move through 2013....
Your year of 2013 is a year of simplification. It will also be a year of defining those who are fully moving into the new age of the new age spiritual way shower and light worker who have taken the oath of we consciousness and fully aware of the old me consciousness. Your year of 2013 is an amalgamation in thirds of we consciousness. The thirds will be delineated. You will also see more transparency and authenticity in your world which is very important for the way shower and light worker to look at. Transparency and authenticity will be revealed in your governmental systems, financial systems, political systems and corporate systems as well."  End fo quote

The Web Of Light is coming Fully On Line In a Big way For Planet Earth=Heart. All are In Position for the Transition. The Upgrades for those Ready are occurring and processing. The Higher Grid Is Completely ON, Awaiting Of Everyone's Arrival.

Decreed by Heaven~ All Who Are Prepared for their True Missions will Be Stepping forward. The Love Energy is At the Forefront of this Planet Now and will be guiding the way into a Smooth Transition Into the New Earth=Heart for all Prepared. This is the Divine Plan Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.

~Thank You for Spreading These Messages to Others and Keeping Your Hearts Open and Staying Tuned In~

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  ~End Transmission in All Love is Unconditionally, We are So In Love With Humanity~

 We Love You Unconditionally~ Love, The Galactic Free Press Staff~Humanity's Earth Allies, The Company of Heaven and The First Contact Ground Crew Team.

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