Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Real Value of Your Money

What is the dollar or any currency really worth? Nothing! The dollar and all other currency is absolutely, no kidding worth nothing. Yes my dear friends, we have all been duped into thinking that money has value and that our lives are dependent on it. This is an illusion set up to propagate the power of a select few of the world. They have made us think that we have to have it to survive and the fear of not having it is used to control our lives.

We are bombarded by TV broadcast, internet, newspaper and radio with an assortment of ups and downs regarding finance, death and the insanity present in the world. Right now look at the budget cap disagreement between the president and congress. The stock market goes up and down daily on the slightest news of disparity in the world.

Let me see, our national debt is $14,651,671,089,994 and our total debt including all Americans debt is $53,253,153,673,251. The average debt for each family in the US is approximately $615,000. And these are the numbers that the US government will release. Most experts say the real debt numbers are much larger. The president and congress are making a show of 4 billion dollars which is approximately 0.00714 percent of the national debt. So we are going to raise the debt limit to be able to print more dollars which are worth what? They are worth what they make you think they are worth. The actual value is still zero!

Awaken from your slumber and see things for what they really are. Do not fear the propaganda being forced on us all the time. Stays centered and focus on doing the things you can to make our society better. Fear is the only tool the dark has to hold you in their grasp. Pay attention and don’t be unconscious, be conscious and make choices based in helping yourself and others toward a wisdom based system that provided for all. There should not be people that suffer without food, clothing or a place to live. We are an abundant society if we will rise our heads up and see!

A monetary system is not required in a society that freely works with and for each other. Just think about having a society that is abundant for all people within it. It can be dreamed, it can be done.   

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