Thursday, November 17, 2011

Archangel Michael - Manifesting Joy and Abundance

Telepathic communication though: mylightwarrior

My dear hearts you are on the cusp of a new and exciting adventure. It is your destiny to create and move into a new and wonderful world of your thought.  As you awaken you see that your thoughts are the foundation of the new reality you are building. Within this knowledge that your thought creates is one key to the completion of the new reality. We see such great potential forming ahead of your thoughts. These thoughts are that which spawn the ethers into motion of creation within your dimension.

Beginning to know and understand that your thought is the creative force is paramount in your ability to create. Your thought, your intent and your gratitude and appreciation and having vision of this thought as already created is the fertile ground for a new creation. So we have a thought, so we have a vision and we have appreciation and gratitude for creation which signals the universe to align for creation. Your positive intent and focus in the direction of the vision causes quick and decisive action to take place.

So we see that our thoughts and intents create the future we walk into. So my dear hearts, if you have a vision of yourself as lacking, you create a lack of the things you need. If you vision yourself as already having what you need and show appreciation for it this is what you will receive. So my dear hearts you must be aware of what you are doing with your thoughts. You must align yourself with proper thinking, visualization and appreciation. These are the keys to proper manifestation and decisive delivery of your vision.

Many of you dream of great things and have visions of these dreams but, you destroy or block the creation of the dream with improper thoughts. If one sees an abundant future and has a feeling of worthlessness one kills the dream before it happens. Therefore consider that you must examine your belief in how you are and that you are worthy of all things that are good. Dear hearts there is not one among you that does not deserve abundance and joy in your lives. You must come to understand that you are the key of everything that exist in your life. And how you think about yourself and others has great bearing on your peace, joy and abundance.

Great joy and abundance is just ahead of you. It is all about you, your thoughts and understanding you are worthy to receive peace, joy and abundance in your life. We are here to love and support you in all that you do. We await your call for assistance and once heard we will respond in love and support for you.

I AM Archangel Michael and we give you our love and support, one with the infinite creator! 

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