Monday, December 5, 2011

Archangel Metatron: Upgrade your DNA by Connecting to the Crystalline Grid - December 5, 2011

My dear brother we hear your call and answer. We see the gathering of light throughout your world. This light pulses and gathers through Gaia and the crystalline grid. We urge you to anchor yourself into Gaia. See yourself bonded within Gaia to the core of your being merging together in the light. Once you are grounded within Gaia see yourself connecting to the crystalline grid and call to the grid to link in unification. As you are centered within Gaia connected to the crystalline grid focus on balance and harmony. Breathe balance in and exhale harmony. As you feel centered visualize your light traveling to the grid and being distributed to Gaia, the grid and then to all of humanity. Stay connected and feels the balance and harmony of simply BEING. Within this moment of BEING are the unconditional love, abundance and joy your souls seek. It is a great accomplishment and feeling to raise your vibration and the vibration of the collective. The great central sun sends this magnificent light to all creation. If you choose to accept it your vibration is increased. All of creation is nourished and lifted up through unconditional love.

Your direct link to Gaia and the human collective has been upgraded through the crystalline grid. The great crystals of Atlantis are now activated and the Platinum ray is now established in your crystalline system. If it is your will to ascend your body will convert into a crystalline body as your purify yourself and take more light in. The form of this purification is through the release of old reality energy from your physical and energetic bodies. As your system purifies with the rise in your quotient the DNA sequences within your physical and energetic bodies will active. This clearing and modification process moves according to your needs associated with your energetic and physical bodies. This process does involve some physical discomforts and has highs and low ebbing points. When the process completes your system will move into an alignment process that completes with full consciousness.

It is your choice to ascend or stay within duality. To ascend one needs to make the choice and have intent and focus on the task. Ask us and we will assist you in this great opportunity in advancement. Make the call to us and we will be at your side assisting and guiding you through the process. Your focus and intent will get you half way though immediately and the host of heaven will help you make it the rest of the way.

With love and joy in the one infinite creator! Archangel Metatron

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