Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Blessing Of Humility

God said:

I must ask you, in all due respect, beloveds, who are you to forgive another? What has another done to warrant your forgiveness? Perhaps you are imposing standards?

Perhaps someone or a group just isn’t what you think they ought to be. Perhaps you think they ought to dress the way you dress or speak as you believe they should speak. How, may I ask, are you supposed to be?

Are you the decider of what another ought to be like? I ask you, did someone declare you the World’s Foremost Authority?! Not I! Then, in this case, it must be that you appointed yourself. Beloved, how many asked you for your sense of what is du jour and how many did not ask you?

Personal ways of approaching life are personal ways of approaching life. Each is doing the best he can. As much as possible, others have to be the making of themselves. Allow others to be free to be who they are. This is how they learned to deal with the world. You may be asking too much. Sometimes you have to leave well enough alone.

The majority of My children have enough to do to counsel themselves. Just about everyone thinks he knows better than just about everyone else, yet you and everyone else know only what you know. You don’t know what others know. Sometimes you have a hard call to make because, truly, from the goodness of your heart, you want to help another. Sometimes you have to save your breath. When is it felt as charity when you point out the error of others’ ways?

Where is the charity in pointing out the error of others’ ways? You have your standards, and others have their own. If you must hold others to different standards, what about asking yourself to choose to hold yourself to a more easy-going standard. If you must have a voice, then have a voice that understands that others have learned their own ways. Life will teach. If you are to teach others, you teach best by example and not by fault.

Sometimes it is a hard call because you are coming from love, and in all love, you want to bless the person you counsel. Remember that everyone has Me as well as you have Me. Learn more than you instruct.

Life is teaching you and everyone else the blessing of humility. Humility is embracing. Humility in you says:

“I love my brothers and sisters, and I wish to embrace them. I wish to join them in this human endeavor called life. If there is something I wish to change in another, I will see its counterpart in myself and look to change my view first. I have come to see that I am not someone who has all say or any say over another. Whatever I think that others must learn, may I learn it. May I be the first to learn all that I want others to learn. Let me be more than I was yesterday. Let me without any sense of all-knowingness. Such all-knowingness can be a mask for my own sense of not being good enough. Would I spend my life criticizing others so that I would not have to criticize myself? No longer will I separate myself from my Oneness with humanity and my Oneness with God. If I set myself above another, I set myself under false premises. I belie myself. I relinquish my past impositions upon the world. Let me start over today and learn the wisdom of love. Let me be me, and let me let everyone be as he is. Let me come to see through God’s eyes and act through God’s heart.”

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