Thursday, January 31, 2013

KP - Energies have Upgraded… Extensively… “Drop Your Paradigms!!!”


Kp with 12-12-12 Sun on Kauai
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This is sort of a “channeling”. It is what I “get” at this moment.
Personally, I’m going through quite a few transformations, and I am very clear on one thing… what was “there” one moment ago, may not be there in this NOW moment. Be at Peace with that… I’m clear on another thing, as well, any Paradigm of one moment ago, may not be the Paradigm of NOW. As I may have stated before…
“An old paradigm is not worth a ‘pair of dimes’.”
Anyway, it is very clear to me today that the energies upon, and of this planet, have changed dramatically in the past few weeks. Think nothing happened on the 12-21-12? Think again.
I’m not going into details, the “this and that” of documents filed, so and so said this, so and so happened here, there, or anywhere. Has nothing to do with that.

There has been an upgrade. An upgrade. If you could not read that, it says,
It feels as if anything and everything that came before, is no more.
I’m sure some are trying to play the same old same old kind of game. But there’s nothing left to play. That game is no more.
And when I say, “An old paradigm is not worth a ‘pair of dimes’”, I am talking about even “paradigms” that were held one second ago, let alone, years ago.
And the “Light Worker” old paradigms… those can be the most stubborn, for some. And wrenching to the open minded, to see those folks struggle with them, trying to maintain the old “Light Worker” paradigm. Here’s a few…
  • NESARA (from my view, this ain’t gonna happen… not needed anymore… it’s been changed)
  • The Galactics are all going to show up all at once, in the sky. (been changed… new approach)
  • I am working with this Master Teacher, so I have to remain with them. (no more gurus… WE are the guru)
  • I am working with this group, so I have to remain with them. (groups are together, then dissolve, new groups form… may be with a group for a day, then leave and join the next one…)
  • I am living here, and I’m comfortable here, so I have to remain here. (“comfort” has nothing to do with “where you live”)
There’s a lot more I could name. Go to this earlier post (“Every Single Old Paradigm is Done… Over… Finished… No More”) to read some more.
Remember, we are in the midst of magnificent upgrading New Energies. We’ve been upgraded. We have received them, and we are them.
That’s all for today…

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