Friday, December 20, 2013

Your Thoughts are Strong Electro-Magnetic Impulses which Create

Thought CreateIn the 20th Century the HUMAN COLLECTIVE mental abilities surpassed their spiritual development. Scientist submerged themselves in theories of creation being an accident, an only that which can be physically seen or measured as being real and understandable. Only recently has science begun to investigate QUANTUM nature of the Universe.

  HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS has blocked the Divine inflow of unconditional love in favor of pleasure/pain cycle of existence found in material worship. It is through our thought impulses we as a collective have created CONTAGIOUS METAL INFECTIONS that degrade and stagnate our evolution and enlightenment into the higher realms of DIVINE MIND. This mental infection first has manifested into our reality as egocentric modes of living and the creation of technical devices which have caused serious health disorders, climate changes, crop failures, environmental deterioration, extinction of living creatures and natural resources,and the wholesale slaughter of human beings around the world.

Wake Up! Realize that your thoughts are strong CONSCIOUS IMPULSES which create. Your thoughts are highly creative electro-magnetic impulses which cause an effect of BONDING and REJECTION of manifestation of solid form and experiences. Most of today’s HUMAN BELIEF systems have lead individuals to think that which they physically see and do is real. This is a false belief and is the opposite of the UNIVERSAL LAWS of consciousness activity.

The first activity of material reality in DIVINE MIND is thought impulses CAUSING an EFFECT of BONDING and REJECTION within CONSCIOUSNESS. Scientist call this Atomic Bonding where there is a force bonding atoms together that is the QUANTUM nature of celestial mechanics. This QUANTUM factor is the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS sometimes seen as the gravitational force with the electrical action of the FATHER CONSCIOUSNESS and magnetic reaction of the MOTHER CONSCIOUSNESS. Together the FATHER and MOTHER CONSCIOUSNESS forms the material realm of DIVINE MIND.

When YOU send out a thought impulse DIVINE MIND aligns with the vibrational frequency and polarity of the impulse. Consciousness that is in alignment with YOUR impulse BONDS to the impulse and that which is not REJECTS it. So there is a coalescing of consciousness of like vibrational frequency and polarity that further QUANTIFIES the manifestation of solid form and experiences in relation to YOUR thought impulse. This is the TRUE NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE in which you reside!
It is imperative that YOU/WE understand the awesome power and responsibility YOU/WE have. Each of us has the power to create unconditional love, peace, joy and abundance with our thought impulses. Our world is in a mess because of the lack of understanding the TRUE NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE and that each individual is responsible for their thoughts and actions in creating a peaceful abundant society. As each of us begins to understand the UNIVERSAL LAW of manifestation and creation and adhere to it, we will change the HUMAN COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS and Humanity will evolve and be an enlightened race.

I AM Jon, we are the Christ Consciousness Collective and we are radiating our unconditional love to all of Humanity….

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