Thursday, December 12, 2013

The True Nature of Existence – Universal and Divine Conscoiusness

Divine ConsciousnessThe nature of nearly all Humanity in BEING is that YOU who believe in only that which your five senses perceive are living entirely in the earthly finite world. YOU who are unconscious live within a dimension of the manifestation of your beliefs. Those who are Conscious and focus their energies toward spiritual perceptions are raising their frequencies of vibration and merge with dimensions at higher frequencies and perceive information, manifestation and knowledge from the higher realms. Those who are Consciously awake and aware are evolving into higher and higher levels of understanding and truth about the TRUE NATURE OF EXISTENCE.

Those who aspire spiritual elevation become aware of the finite quality of HUMAN EGO DRIVE and how it is the cause of finite belief patterns. Through the process of releasing their HUMAN EGO DRIVE and living in SPIRIT they are no longer bound to HUMAN EGOIC BELIEFS. Upon cutting and severing the bonds of EGO the HUMAN SPIRIT soars with the realization that they live in an infinite system without limitations.

As ONE rises up into the higher vibrational frequencies of CONSCIOUSNESS, the more adjusted and aware they are of intelligent infinity. There is a great sigh of relief as ONE finds there are no limits, only the self sets limits and truly what ONE can aspire to is infinite. Those whose goals are set on heightening their capabilities while still in their HUMAN form will subtly transform their “INDIVIDUAL BEING” into the dimension of DIVINE CONSCIOUS ACTIVITY. YOU may also come fully to realize that there is a dimension of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS that is in total equilibrium and penetrable by none. Within the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS any individuality would be immediately drawn into the UNITY BEING.

When an individualized aspect of the CREATOR reaches the understanding described in the previous paragraph, they are achieving the top most frequencies of vibration of consciousness. This level of consciousness has been labeled as the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. As one enters this range of frequencies they are able to discern and review the levels of vibration ascending and descending and SEE with love and compassion toward those trapped in the lower levels of DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS.

The absolute truth is that most of HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS is and has been trapped in the lower frequencies of DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS. Those who are trapped in the EGO DRIVE are wholly unaware of their unconscious condition and the TRUTH OF BEING.  Further, these unconscious HUMANS “Creator Aspects” do not have the slightest awareness of the immense purpose of their existence.

Our task here in the earth school has been one of consciousness exploration and development. Humanity is and has been in a process of training in the lower frequencies of DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS. These lower frequencies offer growth in consciousness as a result of mental/emotional events and experiences arising out of HUMAN thoughts and feelings. Each individual aspect “HUMAN” is learning through trial and error about the states of consciousness. As the HUMAN aspect of creator learns and raises its STATE of CONSCIOUSNESS the aspect shifts frequencies and over time progresses into higher spiritual vibrations of consciousness. Progressing along and experiencing through many lifetimes the highs and lows of comfort and sorrow the individual aspect will eventually wake up to the true nature of BEING. 

There is a Great expansion of energy and awareness as the HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS realizes itself “BEING” and draws on DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS for insight, understanding and knowledge. Through this energetic inspirational shift of CONSCIOUSNESS the HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS raises it’s spiritual consciousness vibrations to those of health, well-being, protection, inner growth and has a true yearning to radiate to others the nature of DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS ITSELF.

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